Taurus 2 setup with other synths

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Taurus 2 setup with other synths

Post by beatnik » Thu Sep 08, 2016 9:50 am

I am a guitarist recently stepped into the world of synths. I am putting together a small analog setup consisting of:

- Moog Taurus 2
- Roland SH-101 and SH-09

I had bought the Taurus without its control foot pedals so I am trying to trigger it with the Rolands through cv and gate outputs but I cannot get this working properly and I am very confused. It's the very first time I am messing with CV and GATE signals so please apologies if I am missing something obvious

I have made two stereo jacks as indicated in the taurus manual, one for CV and one for GATE

The CV seems to be working properly, both the SH-101 and SH-09 keyboards do modify the taurus pitch

The GATE connection is where it gets confusing. basically the way the different VCA settings trigger the sounds is different between the two Rolands

With the 101 i have no sound with VCA in KEYED or CONTOUR mode, but there is sound in BYPASS, and is basically like an hold setting, not reacting to the attack and release controls. I believe the BYPASS operates as it should, but I should also have sound in KEYED and CONTOUR mode. Am I right ?

The Roland SH-09 behaves differently. KEYED and CONTOUR trigger notes on/off with the Roland keys being pressed/depressed and the CONTOUR setting responds to attack and release variations. The thing happening with the SH-09 is that the pitch goes decaying on all settings, but I think this is a different problem because this synth has been repaired

I believe the Roland SH-101 and SH-09 have the same cv and gate connections so they should operate the same. I don't understand if there is an internal problem with the Roland SH-101 that is not putting out the gate signal properly.

It would be great if someone could guide me to the steps necessary in order to interface the synths properly and understanding if there is eventually a fault in one of the units, i'm way too lost on this process !

Mr Arkadin
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Re: Taurus 2 setup with other synths

Post by Mr Arkadin » Wed Sep 14, 2016 6:02 pm

I have some similar synths to you - an SH-09, MC-202 (similar to SH-101) and Rogue (similar to Taurus II).

On the Rogue the trig socket has both S-Trig and V-Trig available. If the Taurus II is the same make sure you are taking the V-Tring - S-trig is no use for non-Moog products of this era. The V-Trig on the Rogue is on the ring of the jack plug. You also need to use ring for the CV In jack socket.

Also I seem to remember that C on all other 1V/octave systems came out as aF or something so that can be another issue too.

I never connect my synths directly as I prefer to use a Kenton MIDI/CV converter. However, even though the converter has S-Trig I used the V-trig as I could never get the S-Trig to work properly for some reason.

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