Taurus 3 Update

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Taurus 3 Update

Post by JokerVille » Mon Mar 21, 2016 10:40 am

I can't say how pleased I am with the Taurus 3. Playing in a trio it adds so much. And people, even non-musicians ask about them. Usually, the musician response is "Dude, Taurus pedals! Wow!" Others are just curious. "What are those?" To play Rush and see people totally digging it and then compliment you is really rewarding to me. Yeah, it's a cover band, but to do Rush tunes accurately is hardly "Louie Louie."
And I can add so much to other tunes, as well. It can fill in so incredibly. Amazing what one HUGE note can do!
I also love the fact Jokerville plays everything live . So many bands in Austin now use pre-recorded tracks. Some to almost the point of just playing along with the original song from the CD. I'm not against that - it's about entertaining the audience, and I've been in bands that did use tracks. But I much prefer the interaction of bandmates, improvisation, and just the overall feel of a totally live situation.
Also, when I first purchased these I asked about a case. No question, if you are going to gig and travel with these, get a quality road case. I even added extra foam. It's a heavy piece already, and a flight case adds much more weight, but more than worth it. I'd go crazy if something happened to these pedals, and it's not like you can just log on and order a new set. I can't believe at this point I even considered budget options. Don't do it. Fully protect your investment.
Anyway, here's a pic attached of the mighty T in action. Again, I can't say enough how i, and my bandmates, are impressed by the Taurus 3.
Rock on!
Taurus 3 In Action
Taurus 3 In Action
"And on bass..."

Mr Arkadin
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Re: Taurus 3 Update

Post by Mr Arkadin » Fri Mar 25, 2016 4:41 am

Not to diminish your post, but I was a little disappointed as I thought there was a Taurus 3 software update!

Anyway glad to see them live and I want to try to do the same (finally) this year.

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