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CV Only Producing Two Notes...

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CV Only Producing Two Notes...

Postby Blackbelt Jones » Fri Jun 05, 2015 9:33 am

Minitaur is connected to an Elektron Analog Keys via CV Pitch and Gate. No matter how I set up the CV, the Minitaur only produces two notes... a C5 and a C2. Adjusting the voltage does not produce a change in pitch, but rather a jump from one note (C5) to the other (C2). Playing the keyboard does not change pitch either.

My troubleshooting thus far (not necessarily in this order and often times tried multiple times):

1) No matter the combination of notes I set in the Analog Keys or the Voltages set, all I got the Minitaur to do was to play back the before mentioned high and low note.
2) Experimented with Pitch V/oct and Pitch HZ/V with same results
3) Reinstalled the MiniTaur FW (using 2.1.5)
4) Tested the MiniTaur via MIDI. No problems there
5) Under the Minitaur Editor I found the various CV Calibraion sysex commands. I ran them according to directions, though I am not sure if the Minitaur is actually receiving a 1V / 4V as it is not responding to pitch in any way. I reset it back to default DV calibration as well
6) Power cycled the Mintaur and Keys several times with the same results.
7) Swapped and tested cables, no issues there.
8) Checked that the Analog Keys was working by using its CV track on my Sub 37. Worked with no issues.
9) Googled the issue... seems like the Minitaur has a lot of CV issues in general, but at least people are getting pitch

I am a CV noob so there could be operator error somewhere along the line and would be happy is this was the case. That said, I was able to CV the Sub 37 with no issues and I think I have done my due diligence at this point.

Is there something else I should be trying?
Blackbelt Jones
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Re: CV Only Producing Two Notes...

Postby Blackbelt Jones » Wed Jun 10, 2015 11:51 am

As Moog support didn't respond to my email or phone message and this thread didn't get any hits I figured the best recourse was to exchange it for another. This solved the problem. New Minitaur tracks reliably via CV from C4 down to C1. It's a tad flat @ C5, but no biggie. I did have to run the Calibration and 1v / 4v scripts via the Minitaur Editor to really dial it in, but it wasn't bad out of the box for what its worth.

If anyone stumbles on this thread due to the same problem, save yourself the headache and exchange the unit.
Blackbelt Jones
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Re: CV Only Producing Two Notes...

Postby cuca123 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 7:45 am

hey bro. im having the same problem .
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Re: CV Only Producing Two Notes...

Postby Quatschmacher » Sun Jan 28, 2018 7:20 pm

I’ve also had this problem. I took it back to the shop yesterday and the assistant rolled back the firmware to 2.2.0 and ran the CV calibration routine. That seemed to work so he reinstalled 2.2.1 and ran the routine again but this didn’t work. Rolling back to 2.2.0 and repeating the process also didn’t work. The unit started display a problem I’d had earlier where remapping the CV input to another parameter also failed to work; I just kept getting the high C. Previously when I’d remapped it, it gave the high C for about 10 seconds then gradually cross faded into the parameter I’d chosen. This time it didn’t even do that. There was another unit in the shop but this had the same problem.

I’ve ended up getting a refund and will only repurchase it once Moog have responded as I’d like to know if it’s a firmware glitch or a hardware fault. I have emailed Moog and am awaiting a response but I’m guessing the team has been pretty busy with the NAMM over the past week.
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