New User - Seeking advice

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New User - Seeking advice

Post by mikeyg3k » Tue Jan 29, 2013 9:33 am


I'm a new user, just bought a Minitaur, and I am looking for some guidance. I have searched and have not been able to find many instructions for using the Minitaur with Logic, although I'm sure it's the same as most DAW's - but I just wanted to ask - does anybody know of any good tutorials or anything regarding - the best way to use Minitaur with Logic, setting up, etc? Thank You in advance.

Alos, when using Minitaur as an external midi track inside of Logic, I seem to NOT be able to switch sounds anymore, with or without the editor? Still searching around for why this is and how to change it.

I know these are basic questions - so if anybody can answer them - Thank You! Or even better if You know of a good tutorial or instruction video please point me in that direction.



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Re: New User - Seeking advice

Post by Stuka » Wed Jan 30, 2013 4:07 pm

I can't help with the Logic specifics (never used that program ~ Sonar only for me), but the Minitaur can be used just like any other external MIDI module, and should be addressable directly via USB, and via your MIDI interface if using the MIDI DIN connection.

I'm using mine on a Windows PC, and it responds to the normal MIDI messages just fine - program change, volume, modulation, note on/off, velocity, etc.

The updated user manual (download from the Moog web site) addresses accessing the presets using the Minitaur front panel controls.
(Actually, the online manual adresses a LOT of things that aren't mentioned in the handout that comes in the Minitaur box!!

If you're having issues with the Editor, MIDI connectivity, etc., some of the info here might be helpful:

Have fun - the Minitaur is one cool littel box!! :)

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