Minitaur Editor 2.0 Tips & Hints

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Re: Minitaur Editor 2.0 Tips & Hints

Post by bichuelo » Sun Mar 24, 2013 7:53 pm

vwizz wrote: >> I read your ** Using the Editor simultaneously with a USB MIDI controller ** post, but unfortunately the two tools you suggest (MIDI-OX and LoopBe) are not available for Mac. I tried to search on Google but found no clear answer.

>> Is there a suggestion for Mac owners? Otherwise, I would have to give up on my USB keyboard and use a classic MIDI DIN one, which is a pity because I have no regular Midi 37 keys compact keyboard of that size (are there any?)
There are native virtual MIDI ports in OS X, you can configure them in the Audio MIDI configuration. can be used instead of MIDIOX, although the latter has tons of features more.
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Re: Minitaur Editor 2.0 Tips & Hints

Post by yari » Tue Jun 24, 2014 7:17 am

Stuka wrote:** Using the Editor simultaneously with a USB MIDI controller **

UPDATED 10 Feb 13

Using "MIDI-OX" and "LoopBE" (both freeware), the Editor and a USB MIDI controller can access the Minitaur simultaneously over USB
(I'm using the combination on a Windows 7 64-bit PC):

To start, make sure LoopBE (or similar virtual MIDI driver) is active (a LoopBE icon should be visible in the Windows system tray)

MIDI-OX setup:

1.) Be sure the "Pass SysEx" option is enabled
2.) Enable your USB MIDI controller and LoopBE as INPUT ports in MIDI-OX.
(Do NOT enable Moog Minitaur as an INPUT port!!)
3.) Enable LoopBE and Moog Minitaur as OUTPUT ports.
4.) Route the USB MIDI controller INPUT port to the LoopBE OUTPUT port
5.) Route the LoopBE INPUT port to the Moog Minitaur OUTPUT port
5.) Be sure to leave MIDI-OX running! (minimized is OK)

Minitaur Editor -

"Under the Hood", MIDI SETUP:
1.) Set INPUTS to Moog Minitaur
2.) Set OUTPUTS to LoopBE (or whatever virtual MIDI driver you are using)

If the "firmware version: " doesn't change from "?" to "2.0.0", try clicking the OUTPUT port you previously selected, then the INPUT port you previously selected. If problems continue, you may need to cycle the Minitaur power, then restart MIDI-OX and the Editor.

You can save the MIDI-OX settings as a profile, which can easily be recalled on next use with just a couple of mouse clicks; just be sure the Minitaur and USB controller are connected before launching MIDI-OX. The Minitaur will retain its last MIDI port selections, so getting the Editor / USB controller combination working again should be a breeze!!

Works great! 8)

i have installed loopbe1 ad MIDI-OX and i have followed instructions for settings, now when i use standalone editor everything works fine, i can recall all presets, dialog between minitaur editor and minitaur hardwer works perfectly and i can use ableton Push (my controller) to play minitaur, but when i try to use minitaur editor in ableton live there are same problems: minitaur editor results "disconnected" and i can't do nothing (no presets recall, no playing minitaur with Push)
i think that this problem is because i can't find the right settings on this menu in ableton: ... sp=sharing

do you know the right settings for work as fine with minitaur editor in ableton as minitaur stand alone?

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Re: Minitaur Editor 2.0 Tips & Hints

Post by ChrisO » Thu Jul 03, 2014 11:25 pm

I can't get my Minitaur LFO to tempo sync in Maschine. Any suggestions?
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