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Re: Minitaur Rev 2

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2012 3:50 pm
by Briman
Hey Amos...

Thanks for your reply. Great to know that MIDI Patch Change
was incorporated in your REV 2 update! :)

I didn't try it... because it wasn't "Officially" announced in any of Moog's Press Releases...
or in your Video... or in the "MINITAUR_REV_2_AD.pdf"...
or anywhere presently on the Moog website... other than right here...
on this somewhat obscure Forum page?!

The only Official Moog statement is:
"Presets are managed from within the free Editor/Librarian software
and can be recalled from the Minitaur’s front panel controls."

Perhaps saveable User "Preferred" Under the Hood settings are also
incorporated somewhere as well?

So far though.... I'm finding the new Editor not quite so "intuitive"! :(

- I still can't figure out how to save my front panel settings into a Preset?

- I can't set a new Category... so as to have i.e... "My Sounds" Category?
The "New" tab does nothing?

- I can select "0 - Panel Settings"... and use the <<< Tab to Name
and save my Panel Settings into the Preset column. (I used "bass" as the Category)

- But when I select "1 - ???" in the Minitaur column... and then use the >>> Tab to move the sound into "1 - ???"...
it does it... and it is named... but it's not the sound I just named & saved? Huh?! I tried saving 3 different sounds like this...
in the Minitaur column 1, 2, and 3... but they all sound the same??

- Meanwhile... both the Presets Column name... and the name in the "Minitaur"
column are Highlighted... but I am not sure which one I am really listening to?

I just seem to be not be getting how the new Editor really works...
and this... after spend a couple of hours trying to just now!

Would it be possible for Moog to create a Minitaur Editor "Manual"?...
as I wouldn't think that I'm the only one who is having trouble making
it all work as advertised.

Many thanks! :)

Re: Minitaur Rev 2

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2012 4:50 pm
by Amos
There hasn't been a lot of info released about the Editor itself. In part this is because it's free software and it costs time and money to document it. :) However, a little bit of help could go a long way towards making it easier to use.

So, here’s what the Editor is doing when you are clicking around in the Preset window:

The left and middle columns (Category and Preset) are showing you the categories and presets which are stored within the Editor/on your computer. When you click on a preset name in the middle column, the editor sends that preset to the Minitaur’s panel memory, so you can audition the sound of it. You should also see all of that preset’s settings displayed in the various Editor windows (front panel and under the hood panel). Important to note, however, is that the selected preset is not permanently stored in the Minitaur’s patch memory just yet; the panel buffer is volatile, meaning that if you change presets or turn off the Minitaur, the settings in the panel buffer will be discarded.

The rightmost column on the Presets page shows you the contents of the Minitaur’s internal patch memory. This will be blank when you first open the Editor. To save a preset to the Minitaur’s internal memory, select a preset from the center Presets column, select a numbered preset slot in the Minitaur bank (right column), then click the (>>>) button to send the preset to the Minitaur. That preset will now appear in the selected slot on the right column, and if you send the Minitaur a midi Program Change message corresponding to that preset number, the Minitaur will load the saved sound from memory. Once you have a number of presets loaded into the Minitaur, you can switch between them by clicking around on the Minitaur bank menu (this simply sends program change messages to the hardware) or for that matter you can put program change messages into Logic at this point and it will call up your saved presets.

So in summary, selecting a preset from the center Preset column instantly changes the sound of the Minitaur but isn’t saved to long-term memory… to save to long-term memory, select a preset, select a slot from the right column, and press (>>>)… if you want to dial up a custom new sound using the Editor and then save it to the Minitaur’s long-term memory, I think you’ll first need to click SAVE on the presets page, to save the preset into your local (inside the editor) preset pool… then select it and (>>>) load to the Minitaur. A bit roundabout but should work.

Re: Minitaur Rev 2

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2012 6:53 pm
by ZacGotTheButt
The editor librarian crashes every time I try to open it with mac os x. Anyone else having issues? any suggestions?

Re: Minitaur Rev 2

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2012 7:58 pm
by Kirk Markarian
PLEASE tell me why filter tracking at 200% will not stay in the preset when disconnected from USB?

Re: Minitaur Rev 2

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:33 am
by guitargod70
Today I worked someone from tech support and got my firmware uploaded and working.

I use the Minitaur as a Taurus for my midi bass pedal controller. My controller has 89 program change buttons and I am happy to say that once I loaded presets into the Minitaur, I was able to to call them up from my controller.

This is exactly what i wanted.


Re: Minitaur Rev 2- firmware update issue

Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2012 2:45 am
by charcol
I'm having an issue installing the recent firmware update. After selecting Moog Minitaur as my destination, within SysEx LIbrarian, the 6th step of the instructions says, "drag and drop the two .syx files into the SysEx Librarian window". They appeared to already be there. So, I selected the Erase file and pressed the play button. The Glide switch didn't turn off, per the instructions. What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Minitaur Rev 2

Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 9:50 pm
by Briman
Hey Amos...

Thanks for your info above. However... I am still having trouble making the Editor work as you described!?

I auditioned all the Moog Presets... but only found 2 I liked... and was able to save them into Minitaur #99 and #100.
I only really want to create and save my own Presets anyway!

Using your above method... I can name and save the "Panel Settings" into a middle column Named Preset...
and save it into Minitaur #1.

When I make a 2nd totally different sounding Patch on the Front Panel... and then Save these new "Panel Settings" into the Preset Column...
and then Audition the "New" sound... while it has a new Name... it's the SAME SOUND as the previous Patch I just made??? Huh???

When I save this 2nd new Preset into the Minitaur #2... and then to a "Capture bank"... it's "Name" shows up in
Minitaur #1... and the original #1 shows up in Minitaur #2??? Huh???

Same thing if I keep making new Patches... and Rename them... and save them into the Preset Column... they all sound the same
as the 1st Patch I made??? Huh??? I just don't get it??? :(

I followed your above directions "to the letter"... but still can't save more than 1 Patch Sound???

This is now becoming Totally Frustrating... as after wasting Hours & Hours trying to save my own Patches in my Minitaur...
I can Not do that... as Advertised!?!?

Sometimes the Editor stops working at all? It sometimes comes back with a reboot to it and the Minitaur.
Sometimes not? But usually will... if I delete it... then re-install it! But it's still stops working once in a while???
btw: I'm on a 2008 Intel Mac Pro running OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard.

You say above... "it's free software and it costs time and money to document it."
But what good is free... when it doesn't really work for your Customers???

Hey.... let me suggest putting the $670.88 CAD I paid for this unit... towards Developing and Documenting an Editor
that actually works properly Ok!

I am no dummy... and can get around just fine in ProTools 10 etc... but cannot with this Editor?
I've had Editors for older gear... years in the past... like for a Roland XV-2020... and a Nord Clavia Micro Modular...
that were very Intuitive & User Friendly... that just plain worked... without a Software Engineering Degree!

The Micro Modular Editor has a "Save in Synth" Menu... while the Roland has a "Write" Tab... in both of which...
you just select a Patch # Location... and hit "Save"... and it's a done deal!
Unlike the Minitaur Editor... where you just plain... can't get there from here!?
Check both of these Editors out here: ... &osdwn=osw

So could anyone else out there please enlighten me as to how to save my own Sounds...
individually into All the Minitaur's new 100 Memory Locations?!

If I can't do that... then it would seem that REV 2 is flawed and buggy? So it's not really a Revision at all...
if my Minitaur apparently remains... only with just the sound of whatever the Front Panel settings are!

While I totally totally love the Sound and small size of my Minitaur... I have to say that I am very disappointed so far...
by this new Editor's experience from Moog! :(

Re: Minitaur Rev 2

Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 2:06 am
by moognase
So how does one get by the Minitaur REV 2 Editor/Librarian required to use the firmware update? Is it anywhere on the Moog site? I got an email advertising the Rev 2 firmware containing an announcement of an email I would receive with a link to the REV 2 Editor/Librarian, but no such email ever made its way here... After contacting support 2 weeks ago, no answer.
I'm sure the Fonz would not approve.

Re: Minitaur Rev 2

Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 7:55 am
by till

you need to register your Minitaur at Moog Minitaur. You might need to mail then, because the registering might not work (it did not here). And then I got a mail with a link for downloading the editor.

Re: Minitaur Rev 2

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2012 5:32 pm
by moognase
Hi Till,
Thanks for your help - I registered it right after buying it. Never mind, I'll just live without the preset gadgetry and all that. Would have been nice to try out though.
Off to practice on my Hummel for now.

Re: Minitaur Rev 2

Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 5:28 pm
by Briman
Hello again. hmmmm... still no further response from Moog on the Rev 2 Editor issue?

Meanwhile... I just tried to save my own sounds for a couple of hours yet again... but still can't save more than 1 Sound?!?!
Whenever I create a 2nd Front Panel sound... say with the RES cranked... and name it #2... then save it into the Presets bass Category column....
then audition it by clicking on it there... it still sounds the same as the Preset #1 that I previously made... with no RES???

However... if I click on any of Moog's Presets... they each load in the Minitaur's buffer... and sound totally different!
But my 2 totally different sounding saved Patches... both sound the same??? Huh???

Also... if I try save this named #2 sound into Location 2 in the Minitaur column...
it does... but when I perform a "Capture bank" in the Minitaur... my #2 Sound...
shows up in Minitaur Location #3... but still has the same sound as my Original #1 Preset!? Huh???

It would seem that the "0 - Panel Settings"... is actually ALSO Minitaur Location 1... and so every time I save into a Location Number...
it's actually one Location Number higher!? Huh??? So it looks like there are actually 101 Minitaur Patch Locations...
with every Location shifted up one Number??? Totally confusing!! :(

Sorry moog... but I just can not make this Editor work... as advertised! Very very frustrated!!! :(
Once again... ProTools 10... and or other Manufacture's Synth Editors are totally easy!

Why not just have a "Save In Synth" Button... that then asks for a Minitaur Patch Location... and then click SAVE???
This back & forth "workaround" thing with the >>> and <<< Tabs is just not working properly... and is totally confusing!! :(

Meanwhile... is there anyone out there who can actually create & save more than 1 Patch sound in their Minitaur
with this Editor... and if so... HOW do you do that??? Many thanks in advance!

Re: Minitaur Rev 2

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 5:28 pm
by Freebot
RE: Briman

Did you ever get an answer to the Editor issues you were having? I am having the exact same issues and want to pull my hair out. I love using the minitaur to create awesome bass/synth sounds, but I cannot save any...sometimes I can save the one, but not all the time.
I hope they fix this soon.

Re: Minitaur Rev 2

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 7:48 pm
by Stuka
Freebot wrote:RE: Briman

Did you ever get an answer to the Editor issues you were having? I am having the exact same issues and want to pull my hair out. I love using the minitaur to create awesome bass/synth sounds, but I cannot save any...sometimes I can save the one, but not all the time.
I hope they fix this soon.
Have you confirmed the Editor is actually connecting to the Minitaur properly?
I posted a few tips here:

Re: Minitaur Rev 2

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 7:22 pm
by Briman
Hey Freebot...

No... I haven't seen an answer to my several posts on my Minitaur Rev 2 Editor problems?
It would seem that moog has abandoned that for now... while they're off making
Golden Voyagers and Analog Delay modules etc this Fall! :(

That page by Stuka has been very helpful though! At least I can now save my Presets
into my Minitaur's memory slots. Although I still can't solve that weird naming problem I have?

I thought I might need to start over... so I tried clearing the Presets Memory inside the Minitaur itself
by erasing and re-installing the Rev 2 firmware... and also did the Factory Restore... but the
Presets I made and transferred to my Minitaur... are still there... still with their names all messed up? :(

However... at least now... I can save my Presets... and recall them by MIDI Patch Change! :)

Ideally... I wish moog would add a method to the Minitaur... to Edit an existing Preset...
or save a Front Panel setting into a Preset already selected... either by the Front Panel method...
or by MIDI Patch Change?

Perhaps by holding down Release & Glide together... and pressing Oscillators 1 & 2 together...
or something to that effect? :)

This way... if you are at a Gig or Session... and your Computer/Rev 2 Editor
is at home... you could still save a Sound you created for a Song or Track...
into the Minitaur... right on the spot! Then the Minitaur would have it all!! :)
Well... except for it's wrong Preset names problem!

Re: Minitaur Rev 2

Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2012 7:45 am
by secmast
Amos wrote:There hasn't been a lot of info released about the Editor itself. In part this is because it's free software and it costs time and money to document it. :) However, a little bit of help could go a long way towards making it easier to use.
I disagree with that, the software is not for free, it is mandatory as under the hood are with no use without the software.
Also you need to be registered to get the software, meaning you need to pay for the MT before getting access to the DL.
Then the software is part of the hardware and therefore not for free.