Taurus II interfacing ideas to share

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Taurus II interfacing ideas to share

Post by KajZu » Thu Dec 22, 2011 4:15 pm


I´m Kaj from Haparanda-Tornio in northern scandinavia and having a Moog Taurus II which I use together mainly in our tribute band Afterglow. I am able to use it through MIDI kb today, since I actually found an interface converting MIDI to Moog´s CV/Gate. It is made by a German company Doepfer. This unit MCV4 gives me fa over 5 octaves range without any switching. I think it is user friendly, just had to connect it right after some trial and errors. I use a simple switch (on/off) like for most guitar amps between pedals and the K.B. -My first build from Doepfer was a interface -Pedals from a slaughtered home organ, to MIDI converter which I control a soft Taurus I plug-in. This later I use in our rehearsal studio, -but on the gigs it´s the real stuff of course...
-I´m ready for advice if anyones interested?
e-mail: kajostrang(at)gmail.com

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