Interesting Pedal Synth -- Multivox MX 450

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Interesting Pedal Synth -- Multivox MX 450

Post by latigid on » Wed Nov 10, 2010 2:58 pm
Multivox MX 450.
This is rare, multivox Corp analogue Pedal synthesizer.
A survivor from the early 1980's .
Made in Japan, for The Multivox Corp. of America, New York.
Very strong and durable, mostly constructed of steel, including the pedals.
Good condition, Electronics All working well, cosmeticlly good for age, as in pics.
This can be set up to do some really spacey and funky vintage synth riffs. Control for octave shift so you can play bass or go up to tenor range .
13 notes, just over an octave, chromatic-C to D.

Six 1/4" Jacks;two inputs; CV, Trig,
and four outputs; CV, Trig, CV/Trig, Audio out.

Control knobs are;
VCO Tune- (1 main and 1 sub osc.)

VCF- frequency knob, resonance knob.

Envelope generator- sustain


> Seven push button Switches are ;

Sub Osc./ 2nd Octave/ VCF Sweep/ Percussion / Slow Attack/
VCA Hold.

On the web; not much, Wikipedia mentions it under Multivox, says very rare.
I found one youtube video demo, the guy plays it through a karaoke speaker/amp, and this sounds awful, he doesn't know how to set it up and demo it properly.
This one sounds way better, can be played by hands or feet, could suit any Keyboard/synth player/maybe guitarist/ etc (singer even?)

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