EP-2 for Korg

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Post by KrzysiekK » Wed Mar 25, 2009 4:50 am

the connection isn't perfect but it still exceeds my expectation.

That minor flaw is that the Korg expects log response while EP-2 is linear. This results in nonlinear digital response - with more density in lower pedal range (that is, more sensitivity in the internal pot positions where EP-2 is harder to operate). The positive side effect is that I can dramaticaly affect the parameter's value if needed, with minimum effort.

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Re: EP-2 for Korg

Post by LivePsy » Sun May 04, 2014 1:45 am

Just to clear up some misinformation on the interwebs. The Korg EXP-2 pedal has a 90K linear pot, it is not log. And almost any linear pot value will work for a Moog or Korg because its just a voltage divider. Its not reading resistance, its reading the ratio between the top and bottom of the pot. You don't need a separate 50K and 100K pedal. The reason an EP-2 doesn't work well with the Korg is the different wiring to the plug.

Moog -> pot wiper connected to Tip
Korg -> pot wiper connected to Ring

I made an adapter cable which swapped the Ring and Tip and can use the EP-2 on Moog and Korg with perfectly even control across the entire sweep of the pedal.

I've stopped talking now.

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