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MP 201 Power Issues

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MP 201 Power Issues

Postby Andras » Wed Jun 06, 2018 8:53 am

Hi everybody,

I recently bought an MP 201 but it came without power supply as it has been part of a bands touring rig so they powered it somehow...

I'd like to power the unit through some kind of pedalboard power supply that can drive my 3 minifoogers, a tuner (all of them are negative 9V DC 100ma 2.5mm) my MF 107 Freq Box (positive 9V DC 200ma and I believe it has a 2.1mm socket) and the MP 201 (12V AC 500ma and I have no idea what socket it has but it looks like 4X1.7mm)

I've sent an email to to see if they can sort it with their modular power supply system but I'm still waiting for their response.

I just basically want to avoid a massive 13amp extension strip being part of my board.

Also once it's all sorted do I use trs or ts jack leads on the CV outputs of the MP 201?


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