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Mp 201 usb connection lost after 2.0 firmware update

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Mp 201 usb connection lost after 2.0 firmware update

Postby analogmadness » Wed Mar 28, 2018 4:04 pm

So i got my hands on a moog MP201 and it was running firmware 1.01.
I bought it because im a moog fan of the highest order and wanted a usb cv/gate module to trigger my analog sequencer and foogers ect...
So the 1.01 version did not have the midi not eto gate option so i upgraded the firmware to the 2.0 firmware via the usb lead. then when i wanted to import the presets i found that my sysexlibraian did not recognize the MP201 anymore. Where it did before the upgrade (as did my ableton..)
So im like whats this??? Hooked up another usb/device and that showed up in the sysexsoftware so i dumped the presets via the midi input.
Thinking all is good until i open my ableton and the moog mp didn't show up 8(.
So what did i do wrong? can i download the 1.01 software somewhere and reinstall via the midi input and check if the usb works again? Then try to reinstall the 2.0?
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Would love to get this up and running true usb on the 2.0.
Many thanx in advance!!
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