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MP201 update 2.1

Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2016 8:53 am
I just bought this wonderful controller and wanted to update it to 2.0 to 2.1
I downloaded the file "mp201_v2_1_349_Update.exe"
but when I launched it, it doesn't find the MP201 usb port ..??
try with different versions of the same file, reboot several times but nothing's working...

Do I need to install a special a special USB driver ??

Is it possible to get the ysex file to update directly from MidiOX ??

Please help me.

Re: MP201 update 2.1

Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2016 6:29 pm
by till
Try the Mac version. This version comes with three sysex files suitable for MidiOX and an instruction text file.

But maybe disconnect all unneeded USB from your PC and don't use an USB hub for this update. It should work like it did for so many other users.

Re: MP201 update 2.1

Posted: Mon Mar 28, 2016 9:17 am
ok thanks for answering
I downladed the mac version but it is said in the instructions file that :
"You *MUST* use USB MIDI to send the update; it will not work via standard MIDI connection."

and my PC doesn't recognize any IN from MP-201 (even with all USB disconnected except MP201 and no HUB)

The problem is not only to send the 2.1 firmware but also that I cannot pilot the pedal directly by USB...

Re: MP201 update 2.1

Posted: Mon Mar 28, 2016 9:44 am
by till
This appeares to be a problem of your PC, as others applied the update with success.
Are you able to connect other USB-MIDI things to your PC right now or before?
But this is neither a Mac or PC forum or a Moog related problem, unless your unit won't connect to other Macs or PC.

Re: MP201 update 2.1

Posted: Mon Mar 28, 2016 10:06 am
I tried witn an other PC and it works...
It's really a problem for me... because my main PC is my production station...

I don't know at all where I can find solutions ??? drivers update ??

I can connect other gear by USB-midi (Sub-37, slim phatty, Arturia microbrute..)

Re: MP201 update 2.1

Posted: Mon Mar 28, 2016 2:44 pm
last news : so it worked on an other PC (win7 too) but then the firmware2.1.exe doesn't work again...
when I tried with midi-Ox and sysex, the MP201 showed "firmware TEST 1"
It took a very long time to send the sysex and it changed nothing on the MP-201....

Please, Moog team, is there a way to get latest MP201 driver for windows 7 ???

Re: MP201 update 2.1

Posted: Mon Mar 28, 2016 6:51 pm
so now I succeded to install 2.1 firmware with my other PC
but it changed absolutely nothing on my main PC;;;
Drivers re-installed several times, tried all my USB ports, updating the driver unsuccessfully...
MP201 driver is in my PC but does not appear as midi port (in several DAWS : live, nuendo)

please help

Re: MP201 update 2.1

Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2016 8:12 pm
yes, I tried this one,
the MP201 driver seems to be installed on my pc but appears nowhere... neither DAW neither updater...
it must be my pc but I do not know what to do at all to fix that...

Re: MP201 update 2.1

Posted: Wed May 25, 2016 7:32 am
by tommasguy
Hi, sorry to hijack the thread...
Where did you get your mp-201?? I'm desperately trying to get hold of one.
+44 7977 102279
[email protected]

Re: MP201 update 2.1

Posted: Thu May 26, 2016 5:52 am
I'm in France, it's a second hand, I bought it in the music shop "Espace Claviers"
Good luck