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Exp Pedals 10k vs. 25k Pots

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Exp Pedals 10k vs. 25k Pots

Postby HumanByDesign » Fri Feb 28, 2014 6:47 pm

I came across a company, Mission Engineering, who manufacture 10k/25k exp. pedals. If you look at the compatibility list, the 25k pot is recommended for MoogerFoogers. This got me thinking... I don't own a MoogerFooger, but I do have a SubPhatty and MiniFooger Trem that I've been using with a Roland EV-5 for some time. I think the Roland has a 10k pot. Does this mean that the Moog EP-3 uses a 25k pot instead of a 10k? If so, what does the 25k pot allow that the 10k doesn't? If we are using various exp. pedals plugged into our CV inputs, what should they be with our Moog gear? Is there a standard that the synths manufacturers are following?
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Re: Exp Pedals 10k vs. 25k Pots

Postby EMwhite » Sat Mar 01, 2014 12:26 am

Not really (a standard). The rating and type (expo vs. linear) only dictates the amount of resistance (or reduction in voltage) that will be affected at max (full toe unless it's inverted) and how quickly across the range it gets there; Moog pedals (and others) have two pots. One inside and one outside which you can use to adjust the scale.

As long as the pedal is not powered, and derives voltage from the ring (aka tRs jack) of the cable and returns attenuated voltage on the tip, you'll be OK.

If you have a powered pedal and it throws out 10V, it might still be ok but I wouldn't screw around because you never know.

I have two EP-3 pedals and believe that the range is the same as the EP-2 but I no longer have one so cannot verify.

The golden answer is that it depends on what you are using it with. Moog (foogers and minis) expect 0..5 and the pedals are geared to do this; Of course it's all subjective, meaning that the exp pedal is offset by the panel (or pedal) pot setting. So you can set a 'floor' or baseline of 20% and have the heel of the pedal be that.

Between that and the 2nd 'range' pot on the pedal, you should be able to get it to where you want it. But if you are actually buying something, you can't go wrong with the EP-3. It's very much improved over the 2 and you can get it for $35 or thrown in if you are buying a few hundred worth of gear from a few of the online music retailers.
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