Percussion controller 1130 for use with Minimoog D

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Percussion controller 1130 for use with Minimoog D

Post by Electrong » Mon Dec 10, 2012 7:27 pm

I have had a Minimoog D for several years and found a Percussion controller for use with it but I had to wire up a wiring assembly by myself, utilizing the controllers service manual. Still not sure whether it is working as it should. I believe it is, but the question I have is regarding the S-Trigger plug. If my 1130 is working properly, would plugging the S-Trig plug into my Minimoog trigger an "always on" situation with the Minimoog? That is what is happening, and when I play the Percussion controller and plug in one or more of the 1/4" plugs into Loudness, Filter, or Oscillator jacks, the note that is always on is modulated by the amount of signal the Percussion controller sends into it. The filter freq or osc freq or loudness amount then remains constant (accounting for the settings of the 2 pots, sensitivity and scale) until another strike of the drum changes it again.

Does the above description sound correct? Please, if you have a setup with the 1130 Percussion controller and a Minimoog, could you respond? Or, if you already know how they're supposed to work please feel free to chime in? Thank you in advance... It has been a while since I've even posted on the Moog Music Forum but I'm probably going to get back into this..
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Re: Percussion controller 1130 for use with Minimoog D

Post by calaverasgrande » Thu Feb 21, 2013 1:17 am

that sounds like what happens when you interface pulse trigger and shorting trigger (Moog's S-Trig).
There is an adapter that you can make or buy. It's pretty simple.
I find that you can also cheat by setting the oscs to full on and closing the filter all the way down. Then using the pulse to open the filter.
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