Expression Pedal Splitting

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Expression Pedal Splitting

Post by Pantherairsoft » Fri Nov 25, 2011 2:29 pm

Just an idea to solve something I've been trying to achieve.

Do you think a simple ABY box, like this - ... BY-Pedals/

Would act as an expression pedal splitter.

So expression pedal into the input, each of the 2 outputs go to exp. inputs of pedals (or the same pedal (I'm thinking moogerfooger here)), then by using the foot switches you can control either OR both parameters at the same time.

Obviously the ABY would need to be fitted with Stereo sockets in and out if the expression pedal/pedal inputs require TRS.

My only worry with the Moogerfoogers is being control voltage. Would splitting the signal mean splitting the control voltage (so when only one output is selected you give the input 0-5v, but when both are selected you'd only offer 0-2.5v each?)?

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Re: Expression Pedal Splitting

Post by yesman » Sun Nov 27, 2011 11:10 am

Hey Pantherairsoft,
It would work, you would not see a V drop (that would happen if there were resistors in the circuit and you created a divider). This is the same as using a multiple to send a V to more than one input. As long as you do not exceed the current draw of the V source you would have (0-5v) at both outputs. As to the V source, what are you using? One of the Moogerfoogers? I don't have any of those (Voyager EB & MP-201)but if they have TRS jacks with +5V on the ring you would only want to use TRS jacks on one input, use TS on the second, or if you have an external V source use TS on both. Hope this is of use.

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