MP-201 Buyer's Remorse...?

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MP-201 Buyer's Remorse...?

Post by mayidunk » Sat Oct 22, 2011 11:50 am

Frickin' GAS!!! :cry:

After the new MP-201 arrived, I suddenly found myself suffering a bit of buyer's remorse. I mean, I just paid $400 for an expression pedal!

This was my first Moog impulse buy, triggered by the realization that it was discontinued, and that I might not be able to get a new one with the warranty if I waited too long. My rationalization continued with thinking that, if I decided I really didn't want it, I could just hold onto it for a while, and then sell it down the road for what I paid for it. (I know, I know... Amateur! :lol: )

Anyway, perhaps I'm over simplifying what this thing can do. I mean, come on! The guys at Moog wouldn't have put this out if it didn't offer any more than just a few expression pedals, right? But, that's just what it is, isn't it? I mean, couldn't I have just bought 4 EP-2s, and saved $200?! And even Moog realizes that, why else would they be discontinuing it?! They did it because they realized that people are seeing right though it! That's why they suddenly started with all those apps!! :x They did that to distract us from seeing the underwhelming POS pedal they tried foisting on us, figuring they could just drop it, and hope we wouldn't notice... :evil:

Stop it!!!

OK, I gotta calm down, time to reevaluate. First off, 4 EP-2s would be a bit cumbersome, and I don't have 4 feet, so... And, the apps really are a cheap source of revenue and marketing for Moog (smart move on their part!). So... OK. Let me run it down... First, there's the ability to sequence a Voyager OS with a midi sequencer. But, I have a Voyager Performer, and it already has midi! And, besides, I already have a sequencer that works with it... (Damn, damn, damn! :( )

OK, deep breath... What about the LFO? Or, should I say, LFOs? It has 4 of them! With wave forms none of my other LFOs can generate! With the ability to adjust the voltage offset of the waveforms!! OK, now we're getting somewhere. And what about the Sample & Hold? Coupled with the "super" LFOs, it can do things my other S&Hs can't do, right? And, there are 4 of them, too!! And 4 envelope generators, which can be set to loop!!! I could go crazy with how I use all of this! And, I can control, not just the Voyager, but the 'foogers, and pretty much anything else!! Why, I could even control the universe with this thing!!! It's not just a fancy expression pedal, it's grist for the mill, and a tool of aural domination!!!

<Insert maniacal laugh, here...> :twisted:

Besides, it only cost me as much as any of my other 'foogers did. And, it's built like a brick shi... well, you know what I mean. :?

This has just gotten seriously cool.

So, regrets? I've had a few. But then again, too few to mention. Remorse? Yeah, a bit. But that was before I started appreciating what this thing can really do. That's the problem with GAS, sometimes we (I) get stuff because we (I) just have to have it, even though we (I) may not completely appreciate what all it can do! But, it's Moog, and it's cool, and we (I) just gotta have it!

Anyway, in the end I'm happy I got it. I got a good deal on a very good piece of gear! And, with the Ver. 2.1 upgrade, it's even better! But I really need to control that GAS. Perhaps there's a support group...?

(Hmmm... Nova Musik has a pre-order special on the Cluster Flux...)

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Re: MP-201 Buyer's Remorse...?

Post by Pantherairsoft » Sat Oct 22, 2011 1:32 pm

Love my MP-201, it's the heart of my setup. I wouldn't be without it!
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Re: MP-201 Buyer's Remorse...?

Post by mayidunk » Sat Oct 22, 2011 2:05 pm

Indeed, and I expect it'll become the heart of mine as well. However, for as much as this has to offer, I am stumped as to why Moog would discontinue it! Has anyone discovered what their reasoning for that was? Are they going to come up with a desktop version that can be controlled with an external pedal? Also, will they provide a software editor for the MP-201 somewhere down the line?

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Re: MP-201 Buyer's Remorse...?

Post by stuart_melvey » Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:57 am

I'm in a really annoying situation... I was planning on buying a few of these to control a wide range of moogerfooger parameters (not to mention the MIDI to CV capabilities!) and now I just can't - I can keep looking on ebay for them, but I am pretty reluctant to buy something that is discontinued! Moog, can you give us ANY INFORMATION as to whether you will be releasing a new controller??


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