Moog Sub 37 vs Subsequent 37 vs Grandmother

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Moog Sub 37 vs Subsequent 37 vs Grandmother

Post by ikeleini » Mon Nov 29, 2021 10:47 am

Just sold my Mother-32. Loved its sound, but I need a synth for live performance(bass, sequencing arpeggiator) my REV2 has got me covered in Poly for pads etc, I currently don't have the time or space to invest in a Eurorack. I'm trying to sync LFO's, arpeggiators to Ableton clock etc. So that's why I gave up the M-32 instead of getting a controller.

I have the opportunity to buy a Grandmother around $700. Sub 37 at $900 and Subsequent around $1100. (All used)

I am pulled in all directions. I feel like the wisest thing is to get the Sub 37....but the Subsequent leaves me feeling like there is something better for only $200 more.

I do love the sound of the Grandmother, maybe more than the 37's, I'm telling myself I need presets, because I'm used to having them on my Nord and Rev2, but this may not be true


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Re: Moog Sub 37 vs Subsequent 37 vs Grandmother

Post by stiiiiiiive » Wed Dec 01, 2021 6:25 am

Welcome to the forum :)

First question is the one you're asking yourself at the end of your post: do you need presets.
Only you can tell. If the answer is yes, here's something you may want to know.
The Subsequent 37 is different from the Sub 37 on these points:
- Higher headroom of the mixer and filter in order to have clearer duophonic patches and a wider variety of saturations
- Redesigned multidrive drive circuit: can be dirtier and has more options.
- Better headphones amp.
- Better keybed.
I think that's all, but anyone correct me.

All my other thoughs are not really relevant here, you must have had them before :)


Differences in sound between Sub 37 and Subsequent 37

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