recording setup advice wanted

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recording setup advice wanted

Post by godzilla » Sun Jul 01, 2007 9:37 am

hey guys

haven't been on here for a while, i've got some time on my hands so i thought i'd finally get off my arse, hook up all my gear and do some recording, only i need a little help putting it all together.

i've got a bunch of synths including a little phatty as well a drum machine and one of those minidisc 4 tracks yamaha put out a few years back (md4s) i want to hook em all up to my mac and use garageband to record.

i imagine i'll be able to sync the 4 track to garageband through midi (it has the 3 midi ports) so that when i hit record or play on either the 4 track or garageband, the song will start recording playing on both devices perfectly in sync.

will it work like that?
what's a good midi interface for macs? (i was looking at the Edirol UM-3EX, is that any good?)
how hard will it be to get all the elements to play together nicely?

cheers guys, any help would be much appreciated.

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