Memorymoog individual voice panning modification

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Memorymoog individual voice panning modification

Post by toobdude » Thu Feb 04, 2021 4:04 pm

There is a commercially available voice panning board available that was originally designed for the Sequential Prophet 600. I adapted the board to my Memorymoog. It enables the six voices to be panned in the stereo field. The Memorymoog remains entirely stock looking, the mono output is maintained and it is entirely reversible (but you will not want to do that!).

I created a pdf file describing in detail how I placed the pan mod board in the Memorymoog but I cannot attach it here because the Forum does not accept pdf files.

Any comments, suggestions, improvements are welcome.

The pan mod board and the pdf is available at:

I have also posted this mod and the pdf at: ... ation.html

This is a great addition to a Memorymoog. Have fun.
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