Sub37 Sequencer music theory question

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Sub37 Sequencer music theory question

Post by Modular1 » Fri Jan 22, 2021 2:58 pm

Hey. I just realised that the sub37 keyboard transposes the sequencer when its running but you can't set a scale to keep things diatonically correct.

If I want to write baseline patterns in the sequencer that can be transposed without going out of key is there a music theory based code to follow?

Root notes - Obviously ok as they fill follow the same note.
5th - Very common in bass guitar style baselines. Can you add 5th notes to your sequences without worrying about key?

What notes should you not add/not add to sequences if you want to make sure they will transpose within a chosen scale?

I would assume as a general rule you should program your sequences in C to make it apply properly to the Sub37 keyboard.

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