Ranges ??? Different oscillators

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Ranges ??? Different oscillators

Post by Rarecomponentadsr » Wed Dec 16, 2020 10:16 am

After now accumulating many various oscillators from different sources (but all Moog orientated ) such as Moog, AJH, Behringer 55 etc etc I’m finding that the basic range setting of them all differ wildly !
At setting of say 0 on each oscillator the octaves can be so different. Some are 2-3 octaves away from each other, some more, and I have to constantly adjust midi octaves in the DAW when using different oscillators.
Yes, I know “Octave switches” but quite honestly the differences are so far out your either flat at ground level or squashed against the ceiling.

I’m even wondering if to adjust the pre set range adjust in some to even out the differences.

Has anybody else noticed this problem ?

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