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moog opus 3 key problem

Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2006 5:52 am
by jezterka
i have a moog opus 3 that plays every d key no matter which d key you hit. all the other keys work fine until you hit a d key and its alot louder.
it hasnt been used much recently, but has been sitting in a very humid basement.
any ideas what this could be or how to fix it?

Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2006 8:05 pm
by Keith collins
take it to a tech.
i think opus's are pretty simple inside, so i imagine any tech with experience in analog boards should be able to make it work right.

sorry i don't have a better solution.

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 12:04 pm
by minime123
this is another synth, like the arp omni series, that should have all its capacitors replaced. without replacement, you can expect leakage issues.

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 5:20 pm
by MC

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 7:36 pm
by minime123
ditto. :)

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 7:52 pm
by Keith collins
argh! who's lying? who's telling the truth?!
oh, the drama!

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 8:05 pm
by OysterRock
minime123 wrote: its quite ironic here that MCs behaviors a lot more like spamming than mine was. well, until now when hes forced me to reply to each of his idiotic posts. sigh.
This is pathetic. I wasn't going to say anything, but enough is enough. MC has been nothing but helpful on this board for years and you waltz in here today spamming it up (and yes, it IS spam) and causing a ruckus on this otherwise pleasant board.

I think you've outworn your welcome. :x

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 8:08 pm
by minime123
hahahaha. sorry about all this, keith, it wasnt my doing.
im telling the truth, and MC probably thinks he is, but hes definitely wrong.
have a nice night,

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 8:14 pm
by minime123
dear oysterrock
im sorry you feel that way. in case you didnt realize it, i wasnt the one who caused the ruckus, MC is. i didnt see anything wrong with the content of any of the messages i posted here - they were on topic and i was trying to be helpful, even if MC - the person who it seems holds the record for the most posts on this forum - doesnt think i was.
so im sorry if you misperceived my intentions.
MCs responses to my posts were totally inappropriate. he may seem helpful to you, but there was nothing helpful about his replies to my posts. not only was he extremely rude, but he seems to hold a grudge against me because he thinks im someone im not. and, as mentioned, hes spreading lies about me.
enjoy your evening.

Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 12:34 am
by ARP
Truth be told, this is not the first forum Minime has been accused of spamming. He is a gear jockey, not that this is negative label but it is the truth. I think the term deceptive is a bit harsh as it implies dishonesty..and Minime's ebay feedback is pretty impressive considering the hi end gear he was moving there. What some people do resent is the stealthy tactic of offering incidental synth anecdotes, followed by the dreaded vintage synth dealer pitch..oh by the way, we may have one of these available for sale soon. This is not offensive to everyone, but some people really do resent it.
MC has provided valuable insight and knowledge on this and other forums
for no personal benifit. Can Minime say the same with a straight face :wink:

Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 9:40 am
by minime123
hi ARP,

i think you should highlight the word accused because im still active in those places - if i was truly a spammer, i wouldnt be allowed there. MCs definition of spammer is anyone who posts messages HE doesnt want to read. i admit that years ago i was less familiar with netiquite and probably came on stronger than some could handle, but i was always on topic. im sorry to anyone i offended, here and elsewhere.

i deal with synths every day, all day long, restoring, testing, selling and packing them. its my life. naturally, im going to want to talk about something i recently worked on if someones talking about that piece and i have something to contribute. i dont see anything wrong with this. if someones interested enough to participate in a conversation about that piece of gear, then why should it be a crime to say "hey, ive got one available - email me directly if youre interested"? its not like im posting a long ad about it or anything and its not like im only posting to threads about something im selling. i DONT have an opus 3 for sale right now, but im here, right?? i know some uptight people may get irritated by references to items ive got for sale, but youve got to ask the question "why?". if someone else said "mini's got one for sale right now", would that be a crime? i dont think so.

i dont see many dealers partipating in these forums, so why am i the bad guy for doing so? most dealers i know of dont even know how to fully test what they sell.

i usually post my opinions about gear, which some people consider valuable. i may also warn people that they should buy a synth thats had proper servicing done to it - in the case of an arp omni or opus 3, theyll want to get one with a new set of capacitors because the old ones always fail. they dont have to buy one from ME, but if they want one to work right for a long time, they should get one thats had this work done. whats the problem w this recommendation?

someone recently was asking about an oberheim 4 voice. i happen to have a beautiful one available - the best ive seen. your typical money hungry salesperson would have tried to sell theirs to anyone. i, on the other hand, explained that while its a great musical sounding piece, its not for everyone, especially not for someone who wants to make sound effects because it lacks some important features. i think this was a helpful comment. this isnt the sort of contribution someone only looking to sell something would make, is it? i dont think so cause if it was i wouldnt volunteer info about who should NOT buy one.

i recently compared my 4 korg ms20s because i was trying to decide which 2 to sell. i posted my findings noting the differences to AH and VSE. nobody voiced any problem with his. many people found the post interesting and it stimulated conversation. do i need to hide the fact that i compared them because i was going to sell them, just because some jealous or angry people might be bothered by it? are only hobbyists allowed on these forums? fwiw, ive had and used 2 of the 4 in my studio for many years. these obviously arent my only contributions, theyre just a couple examples demonstrating my points.

so, i talk about my personal experience and preferences and try to be helpful where i can. MC, the person here who holds the record for posting the most comments, doesnt feel he can benefit from my contributions, and to no surprise, doesnt feel anyone else here can either, because i guess he feels hes got the time and energy to answer every question posed here and knows all the answers. good for him. i think his efforts are admirable in that he tries to be helpful, but his attack on me - along with the misinformation he posted - definitely arent.

im self employed. no employer is paying me to sit at this computer not doing work. i wish i had it that good! :) ive helped plenty of people in the past with nothing at all to gain from it, privately and in public. i dont consider posting messages about vintage synths ive got for sale to be SPAMMING when its done on a forum where vintage synths are a popular topic of conversation. if i was posting to a forum about vintage furniture, THAT would clearly be spamming. but dont worry, i wont be posting my lists of items for sale here anymore. i may even stay off this forum altogether in the future because the all knowing MC has determined that im not welcome here.

although im pretty sure i noticed ads of gear for sale here in the past, steve from moog told me in our private email discussion that ads like mine arent allowed, and i respect that and apologized to him and am now apologizing to everyone here for breaking a rule i didnt see posted anywhere - im sorry. when i signed up, i read the terms and i didnt notice any "no ads" policy or i would never have posted. ive asked for steve to make this clearer to future members so there are no similar incidents. i am not a spammer.

MC and his circle of friend have had a problem with me for a long time for no valid reason and made it obvious in other places - places where, contrary to what he says, i was allowed to stay and still participate to this day. ive discovered that MCs had some hard times recently - perhaps this is whats causing his misdirected anger. i care about people and truly hope he resolves these issues and finds a happier life. picking fights with people online on synth and non-synth forums (yes, theres more than just me) is no way to do that.

lets put an end to this crap. there are much more important things to do than complaining / arguing.

Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 10:09 am
by museslave
For me personally, I don't mind ads about synths for sale here... provided they are from forum members who do contribute to the conversation. It is irritating when someone drops out of nowhere and starts posting sale ads, but I personally wouldn't mind at all if various people who post in conversation here had something to sell. In fact, a couple of times, I've made entreaties asking if anyone had a particular model to sell!

Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 10:24 am
by MC
These things are true:

1) minime123 doesn't know jack sh*t about me and has grossly misjudged me

2) ad hominem attacks have never made friends on AH for minime123 (attacking the critic instead of addressing the problem, an evasive tactic)

3) I am not alone in the displeasure of minime123's presence here

4) I did not solicit other people's comments about minime123

5) I do not, in fact, hold the record for most comments

6) There's a lot of self-moderation in this forum and there are things that are not tolerated here. Others familiar with minime123, who I have not consulted with, have stepped forward voicing their disgust of his aggressive tactics. If you don't behave, you get rebuked. Deal with it.

So the first step to ending this crap would be for minime123 to cease and desist singling me out.

Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 10:42 am
by minime123

first of all, i know more about you than you think i do and am going to send you a private message about that because i dont think airing your dirty laundry here would be to anyones benefit. i think you need to relax in general - its not healthy to have so much internal anger.

2nd, i have taken your comments into consideration.

like i said, i wont be posting any more for sale messages here, so you dont have to worry. maybe ill make you and the other disguisted forum members happy and leave this community - you guys can have a party for chasing away the evil spammer whos got nothing worth a damn to contribute. ;)

my comment about your making the most comments here came after searching the member directory for a moderator to delete the false business name, address and phone number you posted. theyre not mine.
i figured that if i sorted by number of total messages posted, the mod would be near the top. not the case. YOU were at the top. maybe its inaccurate or i did something wrong?

have a happy day

Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 10:47 am
by OysterRock
I know you can see the difference between an active forum member selling their moogerfooger and a dealer posting a huge list of synths he has for sale. You really can't see the difference in that? Come on, quit playing the fool.

This is not a vintage synth forum. This is a forum hosted by an active company called Moog Music. If you notice the titles of the forum sections, with exception of "General" they are all titled after their current product lineup. I'm sure Moog doesn't appreciate your for sale postings either.

We all know where we can buy vintage synths and I'm sure many of us know about you from eBay. If we want to buy your items we can go there.