some suggested settings?

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some suggested settings?

Post by Dever1424 » Sat Mar 21, 2020 1:10 am

Hi, I recently bought a Rogue, and have had an ARP Axxe for some time. I am having some difficulty getting satisfying sounds from the Rogue, at least in comparison to the ARP, which can produce (seemingly) many more sounds and has a much deeper growl to it, at least as far as I have gotten (hate the sliders, though).

Would anyone like to share their killer Rogue or Taurus II settings with me?

Also, The Rogue has a constant oscillation sweep that I cannot dial out; is this intrinsic to the design, or do I need an adjustment? When holding a note, it might begin full, but sweeps out so thin you can barely hear it, then back to full again. Also, this is not relative to the keyboard strike, in other words it does not "reset" and begin at full when each key is struck... it kind of behaves like a glide issue but is not controllable by the glide.

Finally, do I have to have my Rogue modded to accept the five-pin connector to use it with a Taurus II controller, or can I do so using the CV or trigger jacks? Thanks!

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Re: some suggested settings?

Post by hieronymous » Sat Mar 21, 2020 11:43 am

I sold my Rogue almost 15 years ago so can't really help with settings. But as far as the "constant oscillation sweep" - this might be too obvious but have you adjusted the interval of Osc 2? Sounds to me like they are in unison but a teensy bit off so "beating" at a very slow rate?

I always dreamed of hooking mine up to a Taurus II controller but never found one.

Hope you get it figured out - maybe some sound samples would help to determine if it's working normally?

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