Moog the Source cv in

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Moog the Source cv in

Post by markcowell23 » Fri Aug 23, 2019 3:20 am


I have a Moog the Source which I love for its sound (and looks!) As far as I know I have the latest version of the Source (the back panel has black overlays with keyboard cv in/out, DIN sync in and S-trig in, S-trig out).

Now I want to add an Elektron Analog Keys to my setup. One of the great things of the Analog Keys is that it has a dedicated cv sequencer track. The back panel of the Analog Keys has a combined cv and gate jack to connect the Elektron to other gear. The manual says that you can use a standard insert (Y) cable for this purpose. The stereo plug goes into the Analog Keys. The other end of the cable (the two mono jacks) go to the cv and gate jacks on your other gear.

Am I correct in saying that I have to connect these two mono jacks to the Keyboard cv in/out jack and the S-trig in jack on the Source?

I read the Source manual of course, but I am not a technical the part about interfacing and soldering cables was not really clear for me.

The Source has a combined jack for Keyboard cv in and out, so I wonder if everything will work when I connect it to one of the mono jacks of the insert cable.

If there is anyone here who has a Source and knows about setting up the cv/gate connections I would be very happy if you shared some information with me.

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Re: Moog the Source cv in

Post by till » Fri Aug 23, 2019 8:23 am

First of all: I don't thing the Elektron Analog Keys gives you S-trig out. Most synths, and all released in the last years I can think of use a positive voltage for gat/trigger. The old vintage Moog ones need to get a shorting to start the envelopes. So you need a converter for this. are one source of them.

You need a TRS jack on the Source side for the CV in/out. I don't know if the ring or the tip is the CV in. On the Elektron Analog Keys CV out you need a TS jack.
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