Clarinet Polka? | soundtrack lost at SBT 1989 studios HELP

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Clarinet Polka? | soundtrack lost at SBT 1989 studios HELP

Post by Urubak » Thu May 16, 2019 1:20 am

Hello, I have been looking for a song for a long time that I suspect is a version of Clarinet Polka.
It was displayed on calls from a television show SBT, I already contacted employees, but each one says one thing. It began airing in 1989 on a call from the El Chavo Del Ocho Program.
She has about 1 minute, saying a sleep-wake I contacted, why until then only 30 seconds were shown on television, except in a special of 2014 where it leaked 1 second over the soundtrack. A former employee said she was bought into an LP of white soundtracks. (Without copyright).
I already tried to make a remake, they really approved of my sound ... But I would really like the original version.

8 seconds of unedited soundtrack.

music assembled with excerpts displayed and in low quality.

my version made with synthesizers

we suspect that it is a version of clarinet polka.
If anyone has any information, say it here in the topic that will be very useful. Follow me the good ones!

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Re: Clarinet Polka? | soundtrack lost at SBT 1989 studios HE

Post by MRNUTTY » Mon Jun 24, 2019 8:20 pm

Yup clarinet polka. Fun version too!
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