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Subsequent 37 CV issue?

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Subsequent 37 CV issue?

Postby Charliecharles » Wed Feb 13, 2019 6:04 am

I just picked up a Subsequent 37 CV and just started to test it out. But I notice that when I start playing a few presets, the sound will suddenly drop out, where I can barely hear the sound. Even if i switch through different presets, no sound will come from the keyboard. If I power cycle it, the sound will return.
As an example of how I can reproduce the issue: I picked a bass sound (bank 05, preset 15), recorded a small sequence mid-octave, and latched a key to play it back continuously. I let it run this way and volume was good. But after around 8 minutes the volume dropped off significantly where I could barely hear it even at very high volume. No further volume increase could be heard even if I stopped the sequence and tried a different preset. A power-cycle resolves the issue.

This is easy for me to reproduce consistently. So i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this before? Mind you, I don't know any of the features I missing a function that could be introducing this behaviour? Hope I didn't receive a defective unit.
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Re: Subsequent 37 CV issue?

Postby _DemonDan_ » Wed Feb 13, 2019 4:04 pm

Hi Charliecharles,

I forwarded your message to the appropriate Moog folk.
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