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Moog MKPH Rack 12 Stage Phaser Issue(?)

Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 12:32 pm
by Platt E. Puss
I recently scored an old MKPH 12 stage rack phaser. I really have been enjoying it, but just the other day I noticed that when running synths through it, I was only getting sound out of one speaker. After checking, I found that no sound was coming from the (+) output. Everything I'm hearing is coming from the (-) output. The cables/connectors are fine (tested with others to be sure). I opened up the phaser - the (+) output jack is connected with no broken solder joints. I checked the board and firmly seated all connectors. There was one that seemed a little loose and I got excited, thinking I'd found the issue, but nope - hooked everything back up and still only sound from the (-) output jack. Am I missing something? Or should I just go ahead and shlep this thing to the repair shop? I'd rather not have to bring it in obviously, but need to get it fixed ASAP. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe some other MKPH owners out there? Thanks in advance!