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Subsequent 37CV USB Midi Crashing

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Subsequent 37CV USB Midi Crashing

Postby explodingPSYCH » Sun Jul 22, 2018 2:48 am

My 37CV's USB midi is failing randomly. I'm using Reaper (but I also have issues with it in Ableton Live 9) and while it shows up in the MIDI device list as enabled, it will not show up as an optional input or output in tracks.

In MIDI Ox I get an error saying that I don't have enough memory for it to be active.

Also it will occasionally not be responsive on the knobs of the 37CV and needs to reboot to become responsive again.

I'm using Windows 10 x64 and I've tested it without any other MIDI devices plugged in. I haven't seen any issues on normal MIDI in/out, but I'd much prefer to use USB and have the unit fully functional.

Anyone else having this issues? Any thoughts?
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Re: Subsequent 37CV USB Midi Crashing

Postby Flareless » Sun Jul 29, 2018 6:10 pm

I had a Sub 37 but ditched it and the USB MIDI thing was one of the reasons. When Reaper fires up the Sub has a fit. No other synth in my setup on any MIDI interface (or on its own USB interface) ever gave me the headaches that the Sub 37 did.

Sometimes the Sub would go out of tune. Sometimes it's just act nuts. Sometimes it'd lock up. It did it live. Bye bye Sub 37.... bye bye....

I never found out what caused it. In the beginning, like you, I asked around but got no really helpful response. None of the firmware updates solved anything. It became really frustrating.

I hope you find a solution to your problem.
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