Moog Taurus question...

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Re: Moog Taurus question...

Post by EricK » Wed Mar 14, 2018 4:22 pm

It might not be as authentic, but if you got the Model D reissue and a set of the Midi footpedals, that would probably be superior to the Taurus version. But the Taurus pedals are easy to use. The only downside is the interface. Maneuvering through the presets are easy enough, but programming original sounds is slightly tedious because it's not a knob-per-function situation like the Voyager is. Additionally, using the Voyager with th Taurus via Midi has always been kind of a pain. There were supposed to have been some Midi-In filtering on the Taurus Side to block certain signals. For instance, if you want to tweak the filter cutoff on the Voyager without tweaking it on the Taurus, that signal has to be filtered out. Also, I'm not sure if they ever got the two instruments to track in unison. I messed with it years ago, recommended the changes to the software, but never bothered to get the latest update on the T3 to see how well it worked.

If you do get the T3 though, be sure to get an Anvil case for it. They are bigger than you think they are and bulky. They are killer though.
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Re: Moog Taurus question...

Post by torinkrell » Sun Mar 18, 2018 9:39 pm

If you get the Model D reissue you may also wish to get a vintage Yamaha e1010 analog BBD delay like Geddy Lee originally used or at least a new analog (ex Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail) or digital equivalent. I get amazing results using both an e1010 and Vapor Trail on my 1973 Minimoog!
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