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MOOG Modular or Model D photo posters?

Posted: Sat Jan 27, 2018 2:09 am
by captainkidd
I've been looking for a nice Photo Poster of either a fair sized modular like either a Model 55 or larger like a KE setup. That or even a nice Photo of a Model D. But most of what I've come across that is currently available is artwork of Synths which are nice on their own but that isn't what I am looking for. I realize I might have missed the boat by years or decades for anything like this being readily available but all I can do is at least ask.

I'm looking for something fairly large like maybe 24" wide and it could be taller than it is wide. I am wondering if anyone happens to know of any availability of such a poster. I did do a search on the forums but pretty much came up with either nothing or old links.

Thank you