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Struggle to setup Ableton Live 9 with Moog Sub 37

Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:49 pm
by benprusinski
Hi fellow Moogies!

I love my new Moog Sub 37 Tribute edition that I bought yesterday! Unfortunately the process to configure it to work with Ableton Live has been painful.

Been struggling past day to setup the new Moog to record audio and playback from Ableton Live 9. So far, I have setup the hardware to send/receive MIDI and sound and Ableton can see the MIDI device.

Hardware Setup from Moog Sub 37

Ableton Configurations for Moog Sub 37

So far, I can get sound out of the Moog but no audio gets recorded within Ableton Live for playback. I also tried freezing the audio and MIDI tracks after recording the Moog but it just crashed the Ableton software. If anyone has been able to setup a Moog external synthesizer to work correctly with Ableton Live, I would most definitely appreciate your sharing the configuration and process via screenshots if possible.

Re: Struggle to setup Ableton Live 9 with Moog Sub 37

Posted: Sat Jul 15, 2017 1:32 am
by Joscuzz
I use Ableton with my Minitaur rig. Looking at the images of your set up I think the problem could be with how the "External Instrument" is configured. There are 2 stages that I have configured on the External Instrument:
1. - MIDI To Minitaur Out (your case Sub 37 or equivalent)
2. - Audio From Channel 1 (because Minitaur is Mono your options might be channels 1&2 here), typically, you would select the inputs you have connected the Sub 37 to on your interface.

The Ableton MIDI channel reads: MIDI from Minitaur - All channels
The listening Audio track reads: Audio from Minitaur - Post mixer - Monitor In

Hope this helps and good luck.