Ahhh gezzzzz, new Subs awesome, but ...

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Ahhh gezzzzz, new Subs awesome, but ...

Post by HookedOnSonics » Sat May 20, 2017 1:32 am

The new sub looks and sounds AMAZING, but if we're going to bring back the IIIC, can't we at least entertain a Poly or Memory. We get it, price will probably be a selling factor concern, but seems like a moot point if we're bring back the IIIC right? We think a "MODERN" cv/gate/trigger Poly or Memory would be HISTORIC ... no pun intended ... :-)

A Moog Field of Dreams ... If you build it, they will buy.

And on a final note ... the Moogfest web streaming this year is the coolest thing we have seen done by any company, past or present. IMO you guys have set the bench mark and are producing a great web streaming experience for those of us that could not make it, THANK YOU!!!
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Re: Ahhh gezzzzz, new Subs awesome, but ...

Post by Kirneh Ness » Tue May 23, 2017 8:56 pm

HookedOnSonics wrote: We think a "MODERN" cv/gate/trigger Poly or Memory would be HISTORIC

A Memory would do just fine!
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Re: Ahhh gezzzzz, new Subs awesome, but ...

Post by EMwhite » Wed May 24, 2017 3:09 pm

Moog only had to make a handful of modules in order to 'sell' a IIIc as much of the work required for the Model 55 had already been done.

'New' modules such as the 984 (mixer), 904c (filter coupler), 905 (reverb), 901, 901a, and 901b OSCs and a tweak to the power system was 'all' that was needed. I say 'all' in quotes because just making those modules was no easy task but with a supply chain already in place to have panels produced, PCBs produced, and 90% of the through hole parts, connectors and assembly techniques down, it was not too much of a stretch.

They've done very very well repurposing Engineering, Assembly, Parts. Did you know that the rubberized keypads on the Taurus III were the same leveraged on the original Little Phatty, except oriented upside down? And obviously, speaking of Phatty, the Little Phatty Tribute, Stage I, Stage II, Sub, Sub37 all leverage similar extrusions and the evolution of the subassemblies (such as the CV Jack inputs). Inside, there were changes to the micro controller between the SilLabs brain of the original LP and what was used in the Sub. And while the patch selection and display of the Taurus III and Phatty look very similar, they had a change in the digital portion of the architecture inside.

Yes, I'm a bit more Moog obsessed than most and do happy to take everything apart sort of like Marcus Fuller except not on YouTube.

Making something as a one-off, that's a different matter especially something that may or may not sell in high volumes. It either has to be commodity, single board, simple assembly and attractively priced like a Minitaur, or labor intensive, hand wired, made to order for the most part and high recovery.

Dave Smith has done well but he (I think) farms most of his work out, possibly as far as China but I could be wrong on that last bit. But keep hoping (a lot of us are)
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Re: Ahhh gezzzzz, new Subs awesome, but ...

Post by ummagumma » Wed May 24, 2017 8:22 pm

interesting info & perspective, thanks EM!!

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