Minitaur/Mother32 vs Sub Phatty vs Sub 37

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Minitaur/Mother32 vs Sub Phatty vs Sub 37

Post by DocGerbil » Sun Nov 27, 2016 11:38 am

I am new to synthesis but was introduced to Moog early on and I am very interested in obtaining my first one. I have played the Minitaur, Sub Phatty and Sub 37. I first played the Sub Phatty at Moogfest and fell in love with it. I really enjoyed every sound I was able to get out of it and the controls were fairly user friendly to a novice like myself. I also tried out the Sub 37 and enjoyed it but felt it was too much synth for me at this time. I simply had a lot of trouble crafting a sound properly with it but I know with practice it is a monster. I currently own a Roland System-1 and a Korg Electribe 2. I am considering getting a combination of the Minitaur/Mother32 to pair with my Electribe or getting the Sub Phatty to play alongside. My only concern with going the Sub Phatty route is if I do get a Sub 37 in the next few years will I still want/need my Sub Phatty? With money not really being an issue in this pricerange (I'm good at saving my pennies :lol: ) does it make more since to get the Minitaur and Mother32 and just save for the sub37? Or should I go with my gut and get the synth I enjoyed playing the most? Thanks for any input and advice!

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Re: Minitaur/Mother32 vs Sub Phatty vs Sub 37

Post by DUBMCT » Mon Nov 28, 2016 2:42 pm

I have the sub, the 37 and the mother.
I would recommend skipping the sub, and going right to the 37. It may look complicated at first - but can be played as easily as the sub, and it is twice the synth.
I kept my sub mainly because you can connect it to the 37 and create more madness, and it is a simple synth bass to take to jams and such.(And like the rest of us, I like collecting gear)
The mother continues to amaze me, and i use it more than the other 2. It is simply astonishing what a single oscillator can do. Plus all the cv options and sequencer.
So bottom line. Skip the minataur and sub, get a mother and a 37 and you'll never stop smiling.

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Re: Minitaur/Mother32 vs Sub Phatty vs Sub 37

Post by Stevie Ray » Mon Nov 28, 2016 6:50 pm

If you love the Sub Phatty then go with it. Even if you get a more advanced synthesiser in the future, your Phatty can be used alongside it and will continue to deliver the goods.

If I were starting out, I'd get the Sub-37. It may be a little harder to master, but it offers so much more in terms of control and sonic capability. You don't need to use all of its features at once - just start with what you know and build from there. Start with an 'init' patch and play with it in 'panel mode' - it's not so different from a Sub Phatty at that level.

The Mother 32 is also fantastic but ideally you need to have some basic theory about subtractive synthesis to get the best out of them. They are true little Moog Modulars, and all those patch points are begging to be connected just right before they deliver the most interesting results.

I don't think you'll go far wrong whichever route you take.

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