Doepfer Dark Time + Voyager Question

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Doepfer Dark Time + Voyager Question

Post by autonomy » Sat May 14, 2016 12:18 am

Looking for a sequencer option for my Minimoog voyager.

Previously had a brief muck around with a doepfer dark time and enjoyed it and ones come up on my radar but it is an earlier model (pre 2012). Just doing my research on them and found the following on the doepfer page:

"for units manufactured later than early 2012 (from serial number 120240) the output voltage for Gate/Clock/Reset/Start-Stop can be set to +12V by means of an internal jumper (the corresponding interface boards are marked V2/2011 or V3/2012)."

So the one I've found seems to be earlier and I guess only has +5V?

I am no patch guru, but I found a few examples of people having issues driving cv gate with +5V on some synths..

Query being, will this effect me with a voyager? I need some s-trig cable as well apparently, so I'm not sure if that avoids it but yeah, is anybody in the know? Will the early dark time + voyager be fine or should I seek out a later v3 model dark time with +12V options?

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Re: Doepfer Dark Time + Voyager Question

Post by Brian G » Sat May 14, 2016 5:14 pm

The Darktime works great with the Voyager. I have an early one, no problems. Remember you can also hook it up via MIDI.

With CV though, take the gate out 1 And hook it up to gate in in the env section of the voyager. The Voyager dose not use s triggers so no conversion is needed. Take pitch one out from the DT to pitch in on the voyager. Now the important thing to remember is to move the env gate switch on the lower right panel to on/external.

There are a bunch of cool things the DT can do, running both rows 1-16 gives you a 16 step sequence coming out out of gate/pitch 1. 1-8 2x sends the top row to 1 and the second to 2. (2 seperate midi ch too) so, two sep seq for two synths, or send the pitch 2 to the filter input.

Cool thing on the DT everything is there in front of you. Down side you can not save patterns. So what :).

The Arturia Beat Step is also a nice unit, and you can store patterns.

Both work well, I think with the DT you have more inediate control of the pattern but bith will provide hours of tweaking fun.

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Re: Doepfer Dark Time + Voyager Question

Post by MBlom » Mon May 16, 2016 9:24 am

Got the DT and Voyager. I like to use it 2x8 with first row to Voyager via MIDI and the second row to Moogerfoogers via CV. My favourite is to send second row to Delay Mix and thereby control if there's a delay on each note. Fun to keep second row on seven steps, that way you keep the bassline but the rhytm changes.
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