Kind of Moog related

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Kind of Moog related

Post by HookedOnSonics » Thu Feb 18, 2016 5:17 pm

Well if ya like to hear what your mothers, subs, phatty's, werks, thermins, voyagers, and modulars would sound like going coming from a pair of Rode Event Opals... that might be possible in April after a year's sabbatical. Looks like the Opals are back in production. Next time ya hear the mother ship calling, it might be from a pair of Opals ... :-)
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Re: Kind of Moog relat

Post by Brian G » Thu Feb 18, 2016 7:48 pm

The Opals are well worth the wait. You hear well into a mix, they alao reveal things in past mixes that coukd use adjustment, listening. To comercial CD's is many times a whole new expereince, many times they sound better. Synths through them also are a great expereince. One thing to watch they are very clean and can be very loud before you realize you are up around 101 db or more :). There is a lit of detail in the low end, for a 7.1 inch woofer they sound amazing. Are they going to move walls ? No, that is not the idea, the detail you can hear is.

Some reviews have said they should cost more than they do :). i have had them for about 4 years and have not once looked back on the purchase. All that being said I also use QSC K 12' for just genreal playing. They I Find are the closest to studio monitors out there. They sound close to the Event ASP 8 monitors, which compared to the Opals are close but not as much detail. i used the ASP 8 before buyung hte Opals, side by side the Opals sound like you are in the room with the instruments being recorded. The ASP 8 sound good next to the Opal but almost in the next room.


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