Mike Bucki

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Mike Bucki

Post by atomicsynth » Tue May 05, 2015 11:41 pm

I need a working phone number for him emailed to or pm'd to me. He did past work on my Memorymoog.

Thank you
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Re: Mike Bucki

Post by Trigger » Thu May 07, 2015 9:50 am

There are several threads here that deal with Mr. Bucki's disappearance. The overall consensus seems to be that he's dropped off the planet.
Unfortunately, there are several people who are even worse off than you--one guy never got his Taurus pedals back, and I'm sure he's not alone.
My guess is that he's still in the general area. It'll take some real legwork to find out where he is, and even more (including $$$) to try to get him to do anything, legally or otherwise.
Best bet is to find a new tech who you can rely on.

Good luck.

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Re: Mike Bucki

Post by EricK » Thu May 07, 2015 10:31 am

You might want to just open it up and take some pictures of the work he did, or at least describe to someone else exactly what is going on. Maybe someone else will be able to help you troubleshoot it.
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Re: Mike Bucki

Post by megavoice » Thu May 07, 2015 12:45 pm

Yes, need pics and/or detailed descriptions.
My tech and I are very likely to be able to help you.
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description of MM trouble per request

Post by atomicsynth » Thu May 07, 2015 8:30 pm

Presently I have verified all the vco's are working on an old analog scope but voice 1 has no output from U22, the 3080A. I swapped U22 but no difference. Voice 4 also has no audio output but too hard to check the card upside down so have not done so yet. It will need to be swapped to the top for accessibility at some point after the upper voice issues get solved.

The trouble is most certainly all related. The auto tune is not working right, causing more vco's to not respond to autotune, meaning exactly range trimmers on card now do nothing to show hex values, just pitch hi or pitch lo. Two vco's on card 1 were able to be calibrated in C7 routine the other day and now those trimmers don't work either, pitch lo pitch hi showing now.. But the vco's work and verified on scope. I may well have to pull the dmux to check solder joints from the 80's when I did the update.

There is nothing to "take pictures" of per comments.

It started with one vco refusing to tune, stuck on pitch lo. The refusal to respond to auto tune progressed over a week. Something is clearly wrong in the auto tune circuit.

I've read about the trimmer thing here but I believe this is not relevant to' justify replacing trimmers. I did pull ribbon connectors, though they were not dirty, and cleaned with deoxit. No change other than the auto tune problem worsening over the last week, as noted.

The supply voltages are correct on the Dmux board test points.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions specific. I edited this tonight to be more concise.
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