Picked up AniMoog - Thinking of selling my hardware

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Re: Picked up AniMoog - Thinking of selling my hardware

Post by XAXAU » Thu Nov 13, 2014 1:14 pm

I prefer real knobs but it´s awkward to dive inte menus to program. Soft synths are a joy to program (minus the mouse action) although the sound is not analog. Every day the computing power goes up and the algorithms get more alive and complex.

I´m not gonna sell the Sub 37 before the VST is released. If it feels fast enough I´ll keep it even though i could get so much more value for it. NI Komplete Ultimate with their kontroller maybe? :D

I have to point out that the reason I got into Moog stuff was their bass sound. I have no way to recreate that with software. The distortion on the Sub 37 is magic too. I have a background with rock and metal so a distorting Moog bass makes me smile all day! :lol:

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