Mooging—How do you Moog?

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Disarm D'arcy
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Re: Mooging—How do you Moog?

Post by Disarm D'arcy » Sun Nov 09, 2014 12:56 pm

With Moog Apps, the touch surface paradigm is not really that important. What's nice is that it makes some kind of a Moog sound affordable, portable and maybe the digital aspects gives you a lot of sonic possibilities but still with a lot of character. I mean it's an app, but a Moog app.

Bryan B
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Re: Mooging—How do you Moog?

Post by Bryan B » Tue Nov 18, 2014 10:31 am

I started Mooging around late 2002 when I told a friend he should get his Moog Rogue working. He said I could have it if I got it working (and I got it running pretty fast with that kind of incentive!). The sounds were so thick and analog and the controls felt right to me as opposed to software and virtual analogs.

I often found myself in guitar shops checking for synthesizers when I saw a Moog Phaser pedal and had to find out what all of those jacks did! I was not disappointed when I heard what it could do. This started a serious Mooger Fooger addiction, where I bought all of them and used them together as a modular synthesizer.

As with others who have done the modular Fooger thing, I kept running into a lack of separate envelopes and started branching out. I decided to start buying modules for a Moog format synthesizer. It was great, but to help fund it I had to sell off all of my Foogers. When my system was nearly complete, I realized that some of my favorite (wild and beasty) modular patches were made with my Foogers. That made me sad thinking about how I had this great system and ditched it only to miss it later. This led me to start buying the Foogers back, and now they had more MIDI and a new Fooger as well! I am just now back to being able to use the Foogers as a modular again and it is fantastic. The things I learned while building my Moog format modular helped me appreciate more of what the Foogers did and now I use them in different ways.

A friend of mine had an original MiniMoog, but it looked awful. It was all beat up and some of the keys were burnt in spots. I told him he should refinish it and he offered that job to me. I took it all apart, sanded the ugly paint off and stained it a beautiful darker stain. It was a job, but it looked so amazing after that! It was also fun to get to play on it a bit before and after I took it apart. What a great synth!


About a year ago, I was lucky enough to get a MemoryMoog too! I always wanted a flagship Poly synth and it is the most fantastic sounding synth I have ever played except the CS80 (more the polyphonic aftertouch than the keyboard). The brass sounds on it are just amazing! It has the Kenton MIDI kit installed and all 6 voices tune up nice. I have a FATAR 88-key controller with aftertouch to control that and other synths with.

MemoryMoog Plus (with Kenton Midi Upgrade Kit) MF-101 Lowpass Filter, MF-102 Ring Mod, MF-103 Stage Phaser, MF104M Delay, MF-105M MIDI MuRF, MF-107 Freq Box, MF-108M ClusterFlux and CP-251 Control Processor.

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Re: Mooging—How do you Moog?

Post by Alien8 » Tue Nov 18, 2014 1:08 pm

Some great stories here! And wow Bryan, that is a major setup!!

I'm a guitar / bass player. It started during my Tone quest, switching from digital solid state amps and Multi FX to analog gear (tubes & lots of cables). I loved what Line6 had done - provided me a way to develop an ear for sound creation, and I love the possibility of playng synth sounds using strings. I came accross an MF-101 on sale at my local music shop in 2005. They had it for a while and couldn't sell it!? I loved the possibility of the all the jacks on the back as well, and the freedom it provided to play the effect. It just sounded right.

I was hooked, and needed more, so I bought the CP & ring mod. The girl I was dating at the time brought home a MuRF, I bought a phaser next, then the delay then freq box. No hesitation when the ClusterFlux came out. I did swap the MuRF to a midi version, but nothing else since then as my "disposable" income is on hiatus temporarily and I'm doing more playing less gassing!

I use them all, the 101, 104, 108 and CP will always be permanent on my pedalboard, and the others get used often in the recording environment. I'm on the fence about getting a Sub 37 because I really love playing the strings and barely have the time to do that, so adding another instrument seems like too much to take on. My jam buds and I have had many a night where the jam fell short and we just made noise with all of these things plugged into each other tweaking, and playing musical chairs with them.

My favourite setup is using Animoog to play the ClusterFlux, with a freqbox sync'd, an octave pedal some place and a delay not far behind. Totally cheating using animoogs scaled keyboard, but that is helping me learn keys faster.

The electronics aspect of a system like this has also been a rewarding learning experience with respect to how pedals work, how music equipment works and why analog has mojo that most digital doesn't. Everything I know about pedals, amps, recording gear, and synths has been due to Line6 & Moog.
Vibration emanates from all things, even nothing. Using awareness to translate vibration into "music" is something that I am whole heartedly grateful for.

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Re: Mooging—How do you Moog?

Post by Vsyevolod » Tue Nov 18, 2014 2:25 pm

I too had an early 'fling' with Line 6. I credit them with encouraging my distrust of digital FX processors and moving towards (mostly) analog FX. Really a great way to get started. Now when I chain a boatload of Foogers together, I don't lose tone, rather I gain more and more as I add more pedals. Quite the opposite of my experience with Line 6.



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Re: Mooging—How do you Moog?

Post by MoogProg » Fri Nov 21, 2014 9:27 am

Friday bump!

One time (at bandcamp), I had just left work on a Wednesday evening. I picked up a copy of the local weekly and started to look through the club listings. Then I saw it, and immediately walked outside to flag down a cab.

The Moog Cookbook - Wednesday 7PM - $1:00

Still can't believe I saw Manning and Kehew in their spacesuits for a buck. There was maybe fifty of us there. Roger's Mom brought out a cake since it was his birthday. Just wow. :shock:

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