Polymoog prototype

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Re: Polymoog prototype

Post by synthpro » Fri May 23, 2014 5:09 pm

fyvewytches wrote:
synthpro wrote:I am the one who bought the prototype polymoog and am extremely happy to own this part of moog history and I am documenting as much as I can about it....I already have a few videos up of it that will be continued to as well.

That's great news, it couldn't have gone to a better person. I have been watching your Polymoog videos for a while now, and am looking forward to seeing more of your new "toy" !!
Thank you for the kind words fyvewytches!!


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Re: Polymoog prototype

Post by synthRodriguez » Fri Jan 26, 2018 6:20 pm

I'd like some feedback please regarding upcoming Polymoog restorations I'm about to tackle, my first work on Polymoogs.

I have a client that gave me three synths, s/n 1112, s/n 3087, and Prototype No. 5. I think Moog made 6 prototypes? The client told me if I could get one synth working I could have the other two. There are a few cards missing from the individual units but from a quick inventory with my naive eyes, it appears there's probably enough here to get two synths working. Due to condition, s/n 3087 is easily the unit to go back to the customer. That leaves me with s/n 1112 and the prototype. Which should I restore?

The production unit has lived a hard life; the panel is stained dark with cigarette smoke, lots of battle scars, keys with burn marks, worn panel button graphics, something I wouldn't normally have in the studio, but it's not too far gone to make it playable again. It will certainly clean up some but it's never going to be a "nice" example. The prototype is in reasonable condition, but since there are no schematics there's a dark, rabbit hole time-sucker trying to get it going.

I feel like the prototype might only be valuable as a novelty and the production unit would have more intrinsic useful (and monetary) value. If I restored the production unit however, I would then end up with a sad basket of prototype Polymoog prototype parts that in my mind deserves to live on in some Moog maniac's lair. So restoring the prototype might be a cool thing, but then who would want a Polymoog that in the end, really isn't a real Polymoog, even if working well?

I would appreciate some thoughts on what path you might take. Thinking about it, I guess I could spend the time and money to get them both working, but that sounds like even more work. Both paths seem like a viable options to restore, but a prototype might only appeal to the very smallest cross-section of Moog types when it would come time to sell (whenever that may be). Thoughts appreciated.

Thanks -

Scott in Ohio

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