Poll: What do you use your Moog gear for?

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What do you use your Moog gear for?

1. 100% of my income. Music is my job.
2. A considerable portion of my income. Without it, I'd be in financial crisis.
3. No income derived from owning my Moogs whatsoever. (does not include ad fees earned on blogs.
4. A hobby or expensive toy to have fun and play with. I have no gigs or music releases I've made money from.
5. A tool by which to learn music or production. I have definite goals set to work in the music industry.
6. Irritating the dog next door so it might quit barking.
7. Ego. I own a Moog because I want to impress myself or others.
8. Collecting.
Total votes: 57

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Re: Poll: What do you use your Moog gear for?

Post by Voltor07 » Fri Jan 24, 2014 3:49 am

For me it's a hobby. I like making sounds and pushing the limits as far as they can go in terms of sound. It's a lot cheaper than tuning cars. :lol:
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Re: Poll: What do you use your Moog gear for?

Post by BrianK » Sat Jan 25, 2014 3:10 am

I was not clear if Music being 100% of my income. OR if Moog gear makes 100% of my income. So I chose #2, which means I use my Moog gear and lots of others for making music, 100 per cent of the time? (I did not see the option to click more than one, and it does not allow you to go back and revote). I do suspect music studios are the new golf or boats - how rich professionals spend their hobby money.

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Re: Poll: What do you use your Moog gear for?

Post by kcole4001 » Tue Jan 28, 2014 5:30 pm

I'm a Taurus III owner.

Well, I play in weekend mainly cover bands, so the 'no income' bracket doesn't quite fit, but I certainly don't earn a significant portion of my income playing.
Gear can be nice status items too, so that's part of the deal.
I could certainly rig up a cheaper bass pedal set up, but it would never be the same, I'd always be GASsing for the real deal. :wink:

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Re: Poll: What do you use your Moog gear for?

Post by Electrong » Wed Jan 29, 2014 2:28 pm

It's really rare for a musician to be employed as a musician. I use my Minimoog and other gear to make music, and outlay an amount of my income towards building a studio and producing music. I have loved synths and studied analog synthesis at Berklee in the mid 80s so I imagine it could be minimized the degree to which I tie my peace of mind to my art. But money is a necessary evil. Many musicians who earn their bread playing and creating music would still do so whether or not it was gainful employment. And the way that many people view art in general is to view the monetary aspect of it as a side issue, if not an annoying part of it. Anyway, I've seen many different synths come and go (at least in the scope of my social circle) and told myself around 10 years back if I found another mini D I'd get it, because I love the sound, and the totally intuitive interface.

As a side note I met Bob Moog when he came to Berklee at the time I was a student. He was like a super nerd in my opinion and very kind, spoke with me one on one and it's a cherished memory, as are my memories enjoying playing and creating music with my Minimoog.
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Re: Poll: What do you use your Moog gear for?

Post by ColorForm2113 » Sun Feb 02, 2014 12:14 am

music is pure hobby for me. if I happen to pay a show at some point, cool. chances are I won't make any money even if I do I probably spent more money getting to the gig , LOL. I would say in the 15 years or so since I started playing guitar in high school and jamming with friends I have probably made $11.
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