Winter NAMM 2014 ..rumours?

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Re: Winter NAMM 2014 ..rumours?

Post by misterpete » Fri Jan 03, 2014 1:15 pm

unfiltered37 wrote:There is no way Moog would ever go eurorack, it's just not their style.
i agree with this! highly doubtful and not in anybody's interest really except rumour merchants
unfiltered37 wrote:And I have tried a doepfer eurorack, it is not that great. It gets cluttered fast, and the knobs can be awkward. I think modular synths are not supposed to be compact, or lightweight or whatever. If you want compact, there are plenty of semi-modular and all in one synths out there.
Not so sure about that ...after a period of adjustment I'm using my eurorack gear with my moog gear and I think it is indeed pretty "great".
Of course, I agree it can definitely "get cluttered" ~ but there are lots of manufacturers who are less compact ~ Vermona, Analogue Systems etc but even so many of Dieter Doepfer's modules and products are still brilliant. I would fully agree a full modular can not do what a Voyager or other Moog does - they are completely different instruments ~ however, it's a very cost-effective way to incorporate some otherwise very elusive sounds and musical approaches. Still insanely expensive ~ but if you want the Buchla "Source of Uncertainty" for example it's way more affordable from Dieter than buying it from Don Buchla ... same goes for Analogue Systems EMS modules... or their Comb Filter to name a few off the top of my head that are otherwise insanely expensive or simply unavailable elsewhere.
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