what should moog release next?

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what should moog release next

"more affordable synthesizer"
drum machine
new moogerfooger (mf style)
new moogerfooger (cp 251 style)
self contained poly synth
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Post by godzilla » Tue Oct 25, 2005 6:50 am

GregAE wrote:
godzilla wrote:Image
made this from the diagram of the CP-251
i think they should release this!

Great minds think alike! :)

I submitted a similar suggestion to Mike Adams a while back.


did you get a response, i got zip. :(
it's funny, because he replied to another question i asked, come to think of it the email i sent him the picture with wasn't really a question. hmm don't know.

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Post by GregAE » Tue Oct 25, 2005 8:18 am

I spoke with Mike Adams before I emailed him my idea. He welcomed my submission, but explained that they receive product ideas all the time and usually don't respond to these.

He said that a lack of response shouldn't be taken to mean the suggestion wasn't considered. It could be that they are already developing a similar product. It could also mean they didn't think the idea was worthwhile.

He explained that Moog is a small company and is accessable in a way that the other big companies aren't (I don't know about you, but I've never spoken to the president of Korg, Yamaha, or Roland. Wouldn't even know how to reach them!). That accessibility means that people routinely suggest product ideas, among other things. Responding to every email isn't practical, as their resources are limited.

I still think that a product like my VOE (Voyager Oscillator Expander) or your Tone Generator has merit. Whether Moog deems it worthy of producing we'll have to wait and see. A new product may seem great on paper, but the cost of design & manufacturing, as well as the market for such a product, must also be carefully considered. These considerations go far beyond what you and I think of when we wonder 'why doesn't Moog make XXX?'


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Re: Next Product

Post by ebg31 » Tue Oct 25, 2005 10:38 am

Not to be a major party pooper - it just happens that way - but I think we should all hold off on the ideas and wait. Something's going to happen. It just won't be on our time, that's all.
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Post by godzilla » Tue Oct 25, 2005 11:55 am

i think that if they can make the TG-451 and sell it for under $1000 they'd sell like hot-cakes. It would definitely open up a new market, releasing a small low cost box that produce high quality synth tones. It would be competition for the roland/korg/yamaha groove/dj machines.
But I trust that they will release something cool, their current product line is already awsome, i'm not complaining by offereing this design at all.
As yet i only have 2 moog products, the standard etherwave and the SD. I intend to get a the other foogers and a CP 251 or 2, over the next year or so. After that i'll hopefully be raking in enough to get a voyager or maybe there will be a cheaper alternative by then.
It just seems about time that they release a new synth, so far we've had five versions of the voyager: performer, signature, aniversary, RME and the electric blue. They have 2 different theremins, why not 2 different synths?

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Post by GregAE » Tue Oct 25, 2005 2:22 pm

godzilla wrote:i think that if they can make the TG-451 and sell it for under $1000 they'd sell like hot-cakes.

Well, maybe. A CV-only device like your TG concept restricts the available market, regardless of how good it is.

The inclusion of a MIDI interface would definately broaden the device's appeal, but that would add cost. Would the additional cost be worth the potentially larger market?

Considerations like these must be weighed in every design. It's a delicate balancing act of features & quality vs cost. Make the wrong choices and product sales suffer:

Low cost, but wrong features - no one buys
Right features but high cost - limited buyers
Right features, but poor quality & low cost - limited buyers

And who determines what 'low cost' or 'high cost' means? A TG for $999 may prove to be fine for some, but too much for others. (And don't forget that there's a lot of synths available for under a grand - in fact too many to list here)

I don't envy Moog's position in this. They have to make a profit in order to survive, but they also have to design desirable products that are priced right in order to attract buyers. Being a small company doesn't help either, because it means less margin for error.

That said, I have no doubts that Moog will continue to surprise and delight us with future offerings. I'm personally looking forward to their next release (and I do hope it's a TG-like product. Of course, if it was labeled 'Voyager Oscillator Expander' I wouldn't be upset either!)



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Post by Indeed » Wed Oct 26, 2005 1:27 am

yeah, i just know they're gonna shock it with some sh*t NOBODY expects.

seems that's their style.

I can't wait either for the new stuff, but I still wanna get a CP251, a MURF, a 104z, and an Etherwave Pro!

so...I think when that happens, I'll be pretty well occupied, won't need to spend so much time on this forum wondering what's next from MoogMusic... :wink:
hehehe...but it IS still fun dreaming up new inventions...

Godzilla, the Voyager helped take my music to the next level...was the first piece of Moog gear I've owned. Figure a new Virus costs round $2K, I got my Performer Voyager for $2K used, but NearMint... sold my old Virus kb, never looked back. Voyager's the best synth I ever played, hands down (actually up on the knobs)...

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Post by DirtyLarry » Thu Oct 27, 2005 10:14 am

more affordable synth...

i'm "poor" by status of family income...
...sometimes your best defense is a good reminder of your common sense...

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Post by analogcontrolfreak » Wed Dec 07, 2005 7:22 pm

I would like to see a more affordable synth from Moog. The voyager is nice and so is the rack version. But both are out of my price range. Also trying to find a used moog is hard too. Mainly becuse, people who own a moog synth, are not very likely to part with them. Plus the cureent second hand prices are a bit outrageous. Only because the demand for them is higher then the supply. I have always wanted a Minimoog but could never afford one.

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Post by martin » Wed Dec 07, 2005 7:54 pm

I agree fully with analogcontrolfreak. there should be an alternative to the voyager, perhaps something along the lines of the good old prodigy.
if i may say so, it neen't have a touchpad or anything internal that needs updating or fitting or otherwise requires discombobulating or shlubglobulating.
i think the suggestions above with the cool sketches are a way to go.

dream synth (called funkymoog)

2 vcos
2 adsr
1 ring modulator
1 s&h
1 noise
freely assignable patchability with ins/outs straight out of box
external in
no memory, no display, no os, no complicated stuff, no need to buy breakout boxes or other extras etc to use full functionality (but *could* be connected to outboard via cv ins/outs to enhance possibilities if need be)
just the knobs
wooden sides


please let this be affordable, please! please, please please. please, please, pleeeeease. with the fish and all. pleeeas, don't put anything in there that goes beyond the basic pumpernickel.


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Post by analogcontrolfreak » Wed Dec 07, 2005 8:15 pm

Actually that is a good idea martin. A new mono synth like the prodigy. A good old back to basics mono synth like the early mono synths. With everything Martin sugessted. Even have it work with the Moogerfoogers.

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Post by herw » Thu Dec 08, 2005 8:30 am

martin wrote:...dream synth...
2 vcos, vcf, vca modulation, 2 adsr, 1 ring modulator, 1 s&h, 1 noise, midi

here it is:
herw MODULAR MINI but it's ”only” a vst but free (for REAKTOR user)
ciao herw

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Post by writeroxie » Thu Dec 08, 2005 10:01 am

it'd be rad if moog made another mooger-fooger pedal
but went in a crazy direction with it...

use that X/Y axis touchscreen idea (like on the voyager/the kaoss pad). but make it an honest foot-pedal out of it. instead of a screen, have a pedal that not only presses back and forth (like a wah wah) but also side to side... ala joystick.

like the Murf, keep with the preset knobs, and also a few knobs to tweak parameters. I think there'd be a decent market for something like so. keyboardists and guitarists would be into it.

I'd love a pedal that pitched up when i pressed it down and modulated when i leaned my foot it to the side. I'd drop maybe $450 on something like this.

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Post by ARP » Thu Dec 08, 2005 12:26 pm

I agree with Martin..but more along the lines of the Multimoog...than the Prodigy..
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Post by MarkM » Thu Dec 08, 2005 12:35 pm

I disagree with a less expensive Moog synth. There are plenty of smaller analogue synths out there. I would rather see Moog work more in the current direction, which is to bring out a versatile product line that appeals to synth players, guitar, bass, etc. In particular I would like to see it enhance the Voyager and continue making it into an ever-expanding semi-modular system.

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Post by martin » Thu Dec 08, 2005 12:52 pm

i see the point with the ever expanding voyager. the thing with that is that musicians who want to get into moog synthesizers will have to get an expensive voyager first - it is quite a valid argument i think. a more affordable synth that is *also* expandable, as described above, will give more people access to a moog system than right now.

even if there would be more pedals, foogers and boxes in the future, both the cheaperfoogers and the voagerfoogers could buy them.

i refused to buy moogerfoogers on top of my mmv because of the extra costs the updates & repairs cost me.

for example, with a cheaper moog synth i probably would have purchased a delay etc.

not sure about the polyphony. could raise the price? no idea. maybe a switchable mono/poly option?

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