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Re: Modular vs. Semi-Modular

Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2013 10:40 pm
by ZenHead
Well...This is the beginning of my modular foundation. I've been using my Little Phatty's cv out and using a CP251 and two MF107's as oscillators. The rest of the MF's are for post signal/audio stuff. Last month I bought a Doepher system as a bass for the rest of my modular plans. I want to digest this system first and don't plan on buy anything for the next year. After that, I plan on going with Makenoise. I'm a big fan of Rene'.

As far as five unit systems, I might add a few of those to add more variety to the Moogerfoogers. Some of the best bass sounds I get are from the two freq boxes. It makes me wonder if I already have a Taurus sound with the MF101. I would still like to add a third MF107 to the Moog system.

I'm real happy with what I have so far.

Re: Modular vs. Semi-Modular

Posted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:55 am
by popmatik
Hey Zenhead, and everyone.

Love your setup! I think this is the route I'm going to go down to be honest. I have a Phatty, a Prodigy (soon to be cv'd fitted) and a CP-251. I've got four VCOs with those two synths and then I was thinking Euro Rack modules for more mangling and processing.

The Foogers really do interest me. Just wondering what people thought was the best route initially... Get some Foogers or start up a Eurorack system?

With the Freqbox, what does that give you in terms of another oscillator? And when you are using it as one do you still use the other features it has?


Re: Modular vs. Semi-Modular

Posted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 2:14 pm
by cliffman
misterpete wrote:PS: TOMMY
I just remembered - I wanted to ask you what about that vast array of old school Oscilloscopes in the Golden Voyager photo at the "Switched-On" site (i think that is where I saw it) — is it your own collection?
even after I get an O'TOOL in my rack, I would still like to pick up one of the big old school model Oscilloscopes, if I can just figure out how to connect it with the BNC connectors and the Alligator clips etc... etc...
Somewhere, long ago i came up with some adaptors that are BNC -> RCA jacks. Works great with my old scope just need an RCA male -> whatever cable.
I've had them probably 10 years, no idea where they came from. I think these be them: ... Id=2102688

Re: Modular vs. Semi-Modular

Posted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 4:27 pm
by Kevin Lightner
If one really wants to grasp waveshaping, all that's needed is a VCO with multiple simultaneous output waveforms, a mixer (and perhaps an inverter) and scope.
Plug all the waveform outs into the mixer and observe the output on a scope.
For additional waveforms, feed one or more waves first through an inverter, which changes the phase exactly 180 degrees.

You see, a single VCO with many waveform outputs relies on the fact that all those waveforms are perfectly in phase.
This is a simple way of saying they start and end their waveforms *exactly* at the same time as any other waveform on that same oscillator.
There's no beating, because there's no frequency or phase differences between the waveforms.

As MC pointed pointed out, the Voyager has this capability.
But the concept isn't new. The Micromoog and Multimoog do the same things.
Other synths also.
The differences are usually what order the waveform becomes as you turn that knob.
Some will go from a saw to a triangle to a sine to a square. Others will present a different order.

But a photo is worth a thousand words.
Here's a short video of another synth with this capability: the EML 101.
With the scope present, it's possible to very clearly see how the waveforms change.
In this particular example, one can actually make waveforms at half or double the original frequency.

I hope this helps a bit with visualization of what's happening. Sorry there's no sound.

Fwiw, they are not filters, but can alter harmonic in some ways like a filter.