Voyager Editor Librarian Software (help)

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Voyager Editor Librarian Software (help)

Post by dravis14 » Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:36 pm

I recently purchased the Voyager Editor Librarian Software in an attempt to basically catagorize my different sounds and effects into a custom library that I was comfortable with.
Has anyone else purchased this software and am I just computer illiterate, or does this stuff have a high learning curve or what? :shock: I found a PDF online ( although in MAC edition while I'm running Windows) and to say that it is difficult to follow is an understatement.......has anybody else experienced this?
If anyone has wrestled with this program and can help me in any way, I would sincerely appreciate it........all I really wanna do is put all my bass presets on 1 bank.....all my leads on another bank.... all my synthy noises on another......and so on....not a big request, but i've been having problems. Any advice would be helpful.......thanx

Don S.
[email protected]

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