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Re: Congrats on your new products....

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2011 5:09 pm
by misterpete
I LOVE Animoog! and I mean ANY moog... too!!!

I finally bought an iPAD simply because Moog released Animoog... (Filtertron is also way cool btw)

I finally bought myself a Voyager,last week a few short days after Animoog was released... Yesterday I bought and Etherwave Plus as well very excited by the 'touch' technology of the X-Y Pad on the Electric Blue as well as on Animoog, and the potential of using the theremin as a controller for the Voyager ... so sorry if this is off topic from the OP but YES (sincerely!) Congrats on ALL your new products Moog. Keep 'em coming! all best, and many thanks to you all! PETE