All hail subwoofers!

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All hail subwoofers!

Post by Kretzpah » Wed May 24, 2023 7:17 pm

Until today I had a pair of QSC CP8 powered speakers that I’d been using happily for a Hammond SK1 and later for my Subsequent 37 and Grandmother in my home studio. However the low end for the synths never seemed to be what I thought a Moog should sound like so I took my Sub 37 up to a local sound store this morning and tried out some Yamaha HS5 studio monitors and a KRK 10s subwoofer. Those of you who’ve posted about one or the other of these speakers won’t be surprised to hear that the improvement in the overall sound was astounding—wow. It’s like having 2 new synths. This was a fairly low cost solution (got a good price for my CP8s) so give it a try if you’re situation is like mine.

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Re: All hail subwoofers!

Post by franktownson » Mon Jul 24, 2023 12:19 am

Thank you for sharing your experience! It’s great to hear that you found a solution that works for you. Yamaha HS5 studio monitors and KRK 10s subwoofer arerooftop snipers both great options for home studios and are known for their high-quality sound. I hope I also have the same studio at home like that :(

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Re: All hail subwoofers!

Post by ummagumma » Sun Jul 30, 2023 6:35 am

That's a good point, I should get a subwoofer for my setup too. I use one to mix in surround but not for general monitoring duties. Thanks for the note!

sunny pedaal
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Re: All hail subwoofers!

Post by sunny pedaal » Mon Jul 31, 2023 5:46 am

I got myself a sh magnat active subwoofer for € 100 , gives me an extra octave of sound enjoyment.
From barely hearing the very low to clearly hearing and sometimes even feeling fysically that range of sound .

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