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Re: Sub Phatty

Postby dswo » Wed Mar 20, 2013 10:13 pm

lauerjerermy wrote:I am new to this so have a beginner's question..
I understand that the Sub Phatty is monophonic (one note) but it accepts external audio as MIDI etc.
So does this mean I can port one channel of external audio (i.e. mono) into the Sub Phatty, regardless of the nature of the source (mono, poly)? And then modulate the external audio with the Sub Phatty oscillators and filters?

Sure. You could mix in the external audio as a third oscillator, the way this chap is using Animoog: Or you could turn down the Phatty's oscillators and just filter the external audio. If your external audio is a polyphonic synth, you'll get polyphonic output. This output will be colored by four things: (1) the Phatty's filter, (2) the Phatty's filter envelope, (3) the Phatty's amp envelope, and (4) whatever the Phatty's LFO is doing to the filter. What the Phatty won't be able to modulate (for the external audio) is oscillator pitch.

What can you do with this? A lot. For example, you could use your polyphonic synthesizer to generate raw waveforms, then shape them with the Phatty's filter and envelopes. That puts you at least halfway to a polyphonic Moog.
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Re: Sub Phatty

Postby lauerjerermy » Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:10 pm

Cool, thanks for the helpful answer. I've put in my order and definitely plan on having fun with it...
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